Thursday, December 3, 2015

Meet Jack Rochel, President at Epsilon Electronics

Epsilon Electronics Inc is a company that specializes in automotive technology. They sell products like sub woofers, speakers, turntables, and even lighting products. They have been in the industry for over 30 years now. Learn more at

1. How has Epsilon Electronics grown since it was founded in 1983?

I have been at Epsilon for almost 18 years now and have seen how much we have grown over the years. In 1996, Epsilon Electronics was the second manufacturer in the United States in the automotive video industry. Now, in 2015 we are a top brand in our industry and we sell our products internationally.

2. When I think of car audio equipment, I think of car stereos, but I'm sure that's just the tip of the iceberg. What are some popular products that customers buy to enhance the audio experience in their cars?

The head unit is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to improve a car's sound system. But there are several other options to upgrade your system. For example, changing the speakers in your car is an option that doesn't cost much but can make a huge difference to the sound quality. Adding amplifiers is another option, especially if you like to listen to music at high volumes. An amplifier will allow you to listen to music loud without the sound getting distorted. If you have an amplifier, you can also add subwoofers to listen to lower frequencies. If you like listening to music with heavy-bass, subwoofers are the best option.

3. What options are available when it comes to car video equipment?

Here at Epsilon, we have products with mobile video technology for the passengers and for the driver as well. The products we offer for the passenger are video screens that can be mounted on either the headrest or on the ceiling of the car. For the driver, we have screens that can be used for reverse-parking and some screens that can be mounted on your rear-view mirror as well.

4. Are there other electronic products you carry in addition to those meant for automobiles?

We have a great variety of products. We run as an umbrella company for many brands like Soundstream, PowerAcoustik, Farenheit, and EpsilonPro. With these brands we have products outside the automotive industry including lighting products, DJ products, and video products.

5. How do you hope to see Epsilon Electronics continue to grow over the next few years?

Right now, Epsilon Electronics sells in 55 countries around the globe. We hope to continue expanding our business around the world and to provide the newest technology in our industry.

Thanks, Jack!

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