Saturday, December 5, 2015

Introducing Marcie's Caring Hands

My mom is a retired preschool teacher, so there was a soft spot in my heart right away when I saw Marcie Kenny's website, Marcie's Caring Hands. Marcie is also a retired preschool teacher, and she has set up a blog to be a resource for parents of young children.

Her philosophy centers around the value of play for children, and her blog shares a variety of creative ideas that help us create the space and freedom to just be kids. In short, Marcie has taken her lifelong interest in child development and created a useful website with tips for all sorts of issues that come up with parenting, such as diapering, potty training, bedtime, and meals. She has lots of fun ideas for playtime, too, of course!

When I logged onto her site in early December, I found fun winter craft ideas like painting Christmas trees and putting snow in a water/sensory table indoors so that kids could play with it up close. Marcie also has lots of book reviews of books for children of all ages.

I love when someone sets up a website to share their knowledge and interests with the world, and Marcie has done just this. If you're a parent, an early childhood teacher, a daycare provider, or anyone who spends time with a child in your life, check out Marcie's blog for fun ideas.

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