Friday, April 24, 2015

Free Downloads of Instant Trivia Books This Weekend

Is it possible that it's already been over two years since I first learned about Tanya Slover's Instant Series of trivia books? It seems impossible, honestly, but I guess time really does fly by. ANYWAY, the point of this post isn't to reminisce but to point out that Tanya is doing some giveaways with two of the three books in her Instant Series trilogy this weekend on Amazon.

On Saturday, April 25, you can download The Instant Genius for free. Then on Sunday, April 26, you can download The Instant Voyeur for free. If you want to get the third book in the trilogy, The Instant Celebrity, you can buy it for just $2.99 or wait to see if Tanya decides to do another giveaway sometime in the future.

The Instant Genius has been a very popular book for Tanya and has over 50 reviews on Amazon. The book contains a compilation of interesting and unusual facts which are meant to keep readers entertained. The Instant Voyeur focuses on sex, romance, love, scandal, and more.

Tanya is a fun writer who loves to share information with readers. And you can't get a better deal than free, so check out two of her books this weekend.

Feel free to follow up in the comments of this blog post to let me know what you think of the books after you download them!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meet JgTheAnimator, Rap Artist

JgTheAnimator is an independent rap artist. He is 19 years old and has been finding success with his song, #AMSUPERMAN. You can give it a listen on SoundCloud.

1. What gave you the idea to write "Am Superman"?

I thought to myself, people go through a lot of problems daily that affect them, making them feel either weak or useless, so the idea of Am Superman is to encourage people to believe that they're not weak but they're strong.

2. What's your definition of what it means to be Superman?

To be strong, to be able to keep working to achieve and never give up.

3. Why do you think your song has been getting so many plays?

Because it's a song that they've never heard before, just like what the start of the song says. It switches from various ranges of flows and music dimensions and also we (Take Baf) have been putting effort in sharing the song to lots of people, and we've been gathering fans for a long time now.

4. Did you produce the song completely on your own--and what are you currently working on?

Yes I produced the song all by myself. I'm currently working on a new song which might be very controversial...but that's as far as I can say.

5. What else would you like people to know about you?

Don't start listening to me when I'm all over the news--start now.

Thanks, JgTheAnimator!

Introducing NicerOdds, a Site for Comparing Odds

The people behind have been comparing odds for over 30 years. Their website launched in 2003. You can find odds tables related to all sorts of sports betting.

As a newbie when it comes to betting, I was glad for some of the explanatory info about odds on the NicerOdds website. Basically, they explain that if you are going to do some betting, you would do well to compare and analyze the odds for different events to choose the odds that might help you maximize your chances when it comes to any money you're going to lay out. You can find odds for sports in the UK, US, and more--plus you can find odds for specific non-sporting events such as the Academy Awards.

You can also use this information for fun that doesn't involve betting, such as participating in fantasy sports leagues, etc. One thing I like about the NicerOdds site is that if you click on the sidebar for a specific sport, you can get an overall preview/profile of the current or upcoming season. For example, I clicked on the link for baseball and learned that my local Seattle Mariners have better odds that I realized to win the World Series this year. Go figure!

At the bottom of the sidebar, below the list of individual sports, you can also find links for "old odds" and "upcoming odds." These are interesting resources if you want to get a historical perspective on how the odds have related to the actual winners of events. And the upcoming odds can help you think ahead, especially to unique events. For example, the current list of upcoming odds includes the Eurovision Song Contest and the Nobel Prize for Literature (go, Haruki Murakami!).

The best part about NicerOdds is that the site has a straightforward, simple layout, and there aren't a bunch of ads or anything. It just feels like an informative site, not a site that's trying to sell you a bunch of stuff. And that's always a pleasure to find!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Meet Casuel Pitts, CEO of Ultimate Discount Services INC

Casuel Pitts is the CEO of Ultimate Discount Services INC. The company offers a membership-based service that can help you pay for everyday incidents like traffic accidents and so on by helping you pay for your deductibles and co-payments. Learn more at

1. What are some of the benefits that members receive through Ultimate Discount Services INC?

We provide eight services that are tied into a membership which are:

50% off your Auto Deducible
50% off any Traffic Related Violation
50% off our Cell Phone Deductible
50% off your Medical Co-Pay
50% off your Dental Co-Pay
50% off your Vision Co-Pay
A Credit Repair Program
An Investment Program

2. What are the key differences between Ultimate Discount Services INC and insurance companies?

The difference between UDS INC and insurance is we are a membership entity, and we have more leverage to benefit our customers vs insurance providing one service. Plus, we are more affordable.

3. How did your company first get started, and what inspired you to launch it?

June 1 2014 is when UDS INC, was created, and what inspired me was I wanted to create something that was fulfilling a need and not a want. We as the consumer can't predict what goes on in our lives, and that's why UDS INC, gives you reassurance that you are safe.

4. How has your company grown in the (almost) year since it first started?

We have networked with major companies like Sam's Club, Mountain Dew, World-Wide Marketing-Finance Consulting LLC, and many more. We also have opened up two offices in Minnesota and Illinois.

5. In covering deductibles, co-pays, etc, are there specific insurance companies that Ultimate Discount Services INC doesn't work with--and are there any other details that people should know before joining?

We work with any insurance, and there are no restrictions. We have a Travel Club Program and a Put It On A Bill Program. For more information about how these programs work, please call 321-283-5800. You can also watch the video below.

Thanks, Casuel!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Meet Christian Okoye, Founder of

Christian Okoye is a professional webmaster and internet marketing consultant from Nigeria. He has helped many individuals and companies across Nigeria secure an active and functional online presence. He operates a lot of websites across Nigeria and the continent of Africa. He is the founder of, Nigeria's leading online advertising agency. uses major online platforms around the world--such as Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Cokoye, Microsoft Adcenter, and Facebook--to run and manage internet advertising campaigns.

If you want to learn more about, click here for an overview of the company and their services.

1. How and why did first get started? started in Nigeria by assembling a group of talented online professionals both local and international to render online promotion services to Nigerian companies, individuals, and people who work with the government. This was an idea I had been nursing for years but felt that Nigerian market wasn't ripe for and might want free ads instead, because most Nigerian companies and individuals started participating in internet activities by getting and expecting virtually everything online for free. This very belief was fueled by Yahoo free email accounts and search, Google search and free email accounts, and many internet marketers who advertise free downloads of all kind of things. But these days, Nigerian consumers/users are wiser and understand now the limitation of wanting to get everything free--they see the need for working with a professional online marketing agency like to handle their internet promotion.

Why started is to help and manage internet advertising for manufacturers and business owners who want to attract buyers for their products and services, Nigerian politicians or political parties who want to attract electorates via online promotion, Nigeria's government to reach masses on any issue important to the government of the day, event organizers to attract participants, etc. does this by undertaking virtually all promotional elements online such as personal selling, direct marketing, publicity, advertising, and more.

2. What are some specific areas of knowledge that your company can offer regarding reaching consumers in Nigeria? has talented professionals that specialize in virtual marketing communication tools needed for reaching consumers in Nigeria. For example, in the area of "personal selling," our script writers write scripts, and we employ spokespeople to talk to the target audience. In the area of "direct marketing," our copy writers write persuasive articles and content directed to the right consumers. In the area of "publicity," our writers write press releases and publish them on online media sites. And in the area of "advertising," our ad gurus and banner arts designers design online banners that will appear to consumers. has extensive knowledge in using major online media platforms such as Google, Yahoo, Cokoye, Facebook, LinkedIn, Microsoft Adcenter, YouTube, article directories, online slide presentations, and so on.

3. Do you think that international businesses need to pay more attention to the Nigerian market?

Yes, I think international businesses need to pay more attention to Nigeria's market because Nigeria has the biggest economy in the continent of Africa, and Nigeria has the highest population in the continent. These facts alone are huge enough for businesses to pay attention to the Nigerian market.

4. Why is internet advertising so important to businesses today, and how can a business owner choose which form(s) of advertising would be best for them?

Internet advertising is extremely important in the business world today because virtually everything we know and do today is moving to the internet such as reading, entertainment, research, social networking, communication, conference meetings, etc. Also, the internet has all levels of users that can be identified by age, sex, educational level, financial resources, time spent online and on which platform, location, etc. This means that no matter the kind of consumer or audience a business needs to target, the audience members are already on internet.

What Nigerian business owners need to do is tell what their advertising objectives are, and then employs its expertise in online advertising to achieve the objectives by incorporating online media platforms around the world: this is our job and what we do on a daily basis on the internet.

5. When it comes to effectively reaching the Nigerian audience, do you have some tips for potential advertisers?

When it comes to effectively reaching the Nigerian audience, the method that is certain is paid online marketing. I will try comparing some methods a bit below:

  • Yahoo, Bing, and Google organic searches are free, but unless the whole world is talking about you currently, it might take months or years for your message to be in these search engines' first pages, and depending on the nature of the message, it might never show at all. When you pay for display advertising, you start seeing your ads immediately by the sides, on top, and on the bottom of all these search engines guaranteed.

  • With you can add advertising messages in your signature for free, but you need to be very active in by participating in the discussions in the forum for your signature to be seen and promoted. When you pay for Cokoye banner ads, your banner starts displaying all over the website immediately to hundreds of thousands of users and visitors without any other work on your part. Not only is the paid banner effective, but this simply allows you to use your time for something else.

  • You can have social networking accounts and fan pages on places such as Facebook, Cokoyes, LinkedIn, etc, but nobody will know they exist unless you tell them, promote your pages, and remain active on your pages--and at the same time, with all these efforts, you might still achieve little or nothing. But when you pay for sponsored ads, your ads/messages will be displaying to millions of these social network users' walls. This again is not only effective, but it gives you time to focus on something else more important to you.

Is important to note here that unless you know what you're doing, paying money to internet advertising platforms directly and not employing a professional internet advertising agency does not guarantee it will be effective. This is where comes in. The good news is that on our website, we have plans which enable Nigerian advertisers (companies, individuals, and government) to advertise on the platforms mentioned above and major online advertising media around the world at once and under one contract. Advertisers need not to go to all these platforms one by one. takes care of them under one contract.

Thanks, Christian!