Sunday, May 24, 2015

Introducing Austin Texas Locksmith

A locksmith is one of those professional service providers whom you just might find yourself calling at all hours of the day or night. So you'll want someone in your phone that you can rely on for 24/7 service. Austin Premier Locksmith provides round-the-clock service for anyone who needs a locksmith near Austin.

Within the greater Austin, Texas metropolitan area, Austin Premier Locksmith provides the whole range unlocking services, from cars and motorcycles to houses and businesses. They can install new locks, re-key your locks, install deadbolts, add locks to your windows, and much more. Maybe you have an older lock that you hope to repair? They can do repairs, too.

They promise that their services will be provided in a professional and punctual manner, and they offer a free security check with every service call. They also have special discounts for seniors, students, and teachers. Because they work with a lot of people who have experienced break-ins and similar crimes, they offer specials for crime victims as well.

Their website has a lot more information about the specific emergency, automotive, residential, and commercial services they provide. And the best news is that no matter what time you need help, they charge you the same rate, day or night.

How to Find Virtual Assistants for IT Help

Have you ever thought about hiring a virtual assistant? Did you know that some virtual assistants can provide you with IT support? Primo Virtual Assistant LLC is a great example of a company that provides virtual administrative services for small to medium-sized business owners. The VA services offered by Primo Virtual Assistant include a variety of IT tasks, such as hardware consulting and troubleshooting. They work to find the best solutions for businesses to use their technology as efficiently as possible.

If you're just starting out or scaling up your small business, you may not be able to hire a full-time assistant, so VA services are a great way to only pay for the hours and services that you need. Primo Virtual Assistant has a particular focus on database management and data analysis. They can work with you to design databases to your specifications. Their data analysis services include designing different kinds of graphs and charts. You can also work with Primo Virtual Assistant for help with web design.

You may have noticed that a lot of VA services--especially tech-related ones--are based overseas, but Primo Virtual Assistant is based in the United States. It was founded by Martin Bartalsky, who holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Information Systems, as well as an MBA.

To learn more about the benefits of hiring a VA with IT experience, check out this recent article from the blog on the Primo Virtual Assistant site.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Introducing South Anchorage Dental Center for Dental Emergencies

When it comes to dental work, there's nothing more comfortable than having a long and trusting relationship with a family dentist. And when a dental emergency comes up, you especially want to know there's someone you can call right away who will take good care of you and your teeth!

Dr. Broc Brimhall owns the South Anchorage Dental Center, a family dental practice in South Anchorage, Alaska. If you're having a toothache and/or find yourself in need of an extraction, you can't always wait to schedule an appointment during regular business hours. If you're experiencing a dental emergency, you can reach Dr. Brimhall's staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Some examples of dental emergencies are: broken or cracked tooth (or teeth), severe toothache, swollen jaw, lost or loose fillings, root canal, object caught between teeth, and dental trauma or injury. There's also more information about dental emergencies on the South Anchorage Dental Center website.

I know that it would put my mind at ease to realize that there was a dentist on staff at all times to help me in case of emergency. And it's especially nice to find this in a private practice, rather than having to go to the hospital emergency room. Dr. Brimhall and his colleagues know that it can be stressful and painful to experience a difficult dental issue--and it's common for something to happen very suddenly, as anyone who has broken a tooth or lost a filling can attest! So they work to get patients in as soon as possible, no matter when an emergency occurs.

It's a good idea to get immediate attention for a toothache even if you're tolerating the pain because toothaches can be a sign of something that needs to be addressed right away. If you call for an emergency exam, the exam itself is free: a dentist will assess the issue and advise you of the recommended solution. Sometimes this solution is an extraction, but not always. If you do need an extraction, Dr. Brimhall and his staff can perform the procedure quickly and efficiently, getting you back to feeling better as soon as they can.

Learn more about South Anchorage Dental Center at And if you have a dental emergency during their regular office hours, call them immediately at (907) 248–7275. For an after hours emergency, call their emergency line at (907) 602-3136.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Meet James Van Gelder, Author

Enter Mo Pai: The Ancient Training of the Immortals by James Van Gelder is an informational book for those who are serious about learning and understanding the 2,000 year old meditation practice known as Mo Pai. The book is available for purchase through CreateSpace.

1. How did you first become acquainted with the practice of Mo Pai?

John Chang made quite an entrance for himself when he was featured in the Lawrence Blair documentary, The Ring of Fire. In this documentary, John Chang is observed by skeptical physicists as he burns paper into ashes in front of them using his "chi energy." He is doing what many believe to be impossible, and on camera! You can see more on YouTube. At the time I saw this film, I already had a lot of interest in energy cultivation and meditation, so I knew that this was very possible, but seeing John Chang do it was on a different level. John Chang truly has a level of power that most masters can't reproduce.

2. For Westerners who haven't heard of Mo Pai, is the energy that you are talking about the same energy we hear about in practices such as acupuncture and Tai Chi?

For the most part, yes. John Chang himself actually takes acupuncture to a whole new level by introducing his "electric qi," also known as houtain qi by the Daoists. In normal acupuncture, the professionals are using the needles at specific points in order to stimulate qi flow within the meridians. John Chang actually uses electric qi to reproduce the stimulation effect but to an exponential degree. Tai Chi works with refining chi into shen and then finally into wuji or ling with a goal of lifting one towards enlightenment, so in that regard Tai Chi is a bit different.

Both Mo Pai and Tai Chi are involved with cultivating internal energy for martial arts purposes. In martial arts today, many are still very unaware of internal energy and cultivation. When we consider a move like the palm strike, to many westerners it just seems like a very useless move. However, to Mo Pai and Tai Chi masters, the strike can be very deadly. The palm strike connects the energy center in the palm directly to another's body, allowing the chi to actually force its way into a person and overwhelm their system. John Chang illustrates how if a person has more yang chi than another a strike like this could actually stop the other person's heart.

3. What are some of the benefits of practicing Mo Pai?

Mo Pai was primarily created as a means for self-defense and immortality. The system itself was created so that people could not only defend themselves here on earth, but also have conscious control of themselves after the death of the physical body. John Chang outlines how even a being with a little bit of yang is much different than a normal human with regards to the afterlife. While the benefits seem tempting, the system itself can be very dangerous if trained improperly. Kostas Danaos equates the training to being similar to taking steroids in the regards that it can turn out very badly for a practitioner.

4. What will readers find in your book, Enter Mo Pai: The Ancient Training of the Immortals?

In this book, readers will gain an understanding of Mo Pai on an energetic level. They will understand what is actually going on and how the Mo Pai technology works to produce the results that it does. One of the more important aspects is with regards to the fusion of the yin and yang chi. It explains how people outside of the Mo Pai tradition have been able to fuse Yin and Yang and also how that compares to the actual Mo Pai fusion of Yin and Yang chi. Hopefully the book will clear up a lot of misunderstanding that has been generated in the cultivation community over the last decade when trying to compare Mo Pai with other systems of internal cultivation.

5. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your book?

Enter Mo Pai: The Ancient Training of the Immortals dives into the world of Mo Pai, a legendary internal cultivation system that has been secretly handed down by successions of meditation masters for well over 2,000 years. The path of Mo Pai develops the practitioner in the present life, but also ascends the practitioner in status with regards to the afterlife. In the present life, the goal of Mo Pai is to develop supernatural abilities capable of aiding an individual both in self-defense and in the rejuvenation of the physical body. Concerning the afterlife, the true master of Mo Pai reserves the ability to consciously navigate their soul after the death of the physical body, freeing themselves from the continuous cycle of death and rebirth.

The greatest Mo Pai practitioner on Earth today, Master John Chang, has publicly displayed his extraordinary developments to the world by performing many spectacular abilities on video such as electrokinesis, pyrokinesis, levitation, suspended animation, and telekinesis. Behind these spectacular abilities is the knowledge of harnessing the secrets of nature in order to boost the potential and natural development of the human body. In order to attain supernatural capacities, this ancient training is focused towards gathering and harnessing the two fundamental life-force energies known as Yin Chi and Yang Chi. These two energies are abundant in nature and play an important role in sustaining the human body. Developing these vital energies to levels that many would consider unnatural, the Mo Pai student quickly gains an edge when compared to the average human. Included in this book is an analysis of the Mo Pai training and the techniques used for gathering, manipulating, and finally combining the two fundamental vital energies of Yang Chi and Yin Chi.

Thanks, John!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Meet Daintry Jensen, Author of The Hidden Forest

Daintry Jensen has a background in dramatic writing from Skidmore College and UCLA's Professional Screenwriting Program. Before that, she was acting professionally in Los Angeles and NYC. Growing up, she spent her summers on Nantucket Island were she had many an adventure that sparked the imagination, and where she returns to whenever she gets the chance.

Learn more about Daintry by visiting her website. Her middle grade fantasy adventure novel, The Hidden Forest, will be published on June 12, 2015 by Green Writers Press, and you can read all about it here.

1. What first gave you the idea for The Hidden Forest?

Growing up in the summertime on Nantucket, my grandparents had a house out in Polpis near the real Hidden Forest. My grandfather used to take us on twilight walks nearby and we'd see tiny paths going under the brush. I would always wonder who lived there--what was happening there that was hidden from us humans?

2. I can remember getting very caught up in biographies of famous people as a kid. What is it about Amelia Earhart that inspires your protagonist, Adelaide?

That's such a great question. I think in Adelaide's mind, Amelia had no limits because she could fly! What could be better than that? If you can fly, than you can go wherever you want--a great thing for an adventuress! You could have breakfast at the Great Pyramid Of Giza in Egypt, lunch at Machu Picchu in Peru, and dinner on the peaks of Kilimanjaro. Amelia Earhart was also incredibly courageous and had tons of moxie, which is all very appealing to Adelaide. Amelia was a woman who really lived life to the fullest and followed her dreams.

3. What are some of the challenges of writing a fantasy book?

I actually feel like there a fewer challenges with writing fantasy because you can completely create your own world and the rules that apply there. You're the boss, and it's really great fun to not be bound anything but your imagination. That being said, because The Hidden Forest takes place on Nantucket, I wanted to make sure to capture the island itself, a place that is very near and dear to my heart.

4. What are some of the elements of your book that make it engaging for middle grade readers?

Summertime! I think kids have very visceral experiences during the summer because you're outside so much. Also, adventures, exploring hidden worlds, and dealing with the consequences of breaking the rules.

5. How did your background in studying dramatic writing and screenwriting help you in writing your book?

Dramatic writing is all about creating an emotional experience for the audience. The best way to do that (a little tip I learned in screenwriting) is to create conflict. Conflict almost always causes emotional reactions, sparks. Relationships are also front and center (and something I love exploring) and writing dialogue that has subtext and layering. But for me, emotion is #1. There's a quote I read by a famous actor recently that goes something like "I go to the theater/movies to laugh and to cry, and that's why I go." I feel that way about books, too. People want to connect. Emotional journeys are a great for that and create a lovely and fulfilling experience. In the words of E.M. Forester, "Only connect."

Thanks, Daintry!