Sunday, November 22, 2015

Introducing Murphy Ben International

Murphy Ben International is an entertainment company located in Lagos, Nigeria. Murphy Ben international creates, showcases, and aggregates African culture. Their goal is to promote African culture with the many websites, and they are the most popular Youtube channel in Africa, and you can learn more about them on Facebook.

1. How did Murphy Ben International first get started back in 2009?

The company was founded by CEO Murphy Anawana. He recognized a passion for music and entertainment himself; therefore, as a long-term dream, he wanted to follow through and have his own entertainment company.

2. Would you describe the company's work related to YouTube in Africa?

They create music videos and songs in order to promote African content. YouTube is so popular that it is easy to promote any new music. Murphy Ben International realized that YouTube is what helped the company be successful today.

3. How have you seen satellite television grow in Africa over the last few years?

It has grown immensely. Everything related to technology in Africa is continuously growing which is great for the company.

4. How are you addressing racism through your "I Am Wonderfully Made" campaign?

Everyone, every race needs to realize that we are all humans and we are all beautiful. Being a company that promotes African entertainment and talent, it is a different style than the popular music in America, therefore promoting that we are all equal as individuals, no matter what the differences.

5. What do you see as the future of Murphy Ben International?

Right now, with Africa continuously developing especially with technology, I see the future of Murphy Ben International as successful. It is looking good with what has been produced, and the production team is great and hard working.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Meet Marc Heighway, Online Marketing Consultant

Marc Heighway is an online marketing consultant who lives and works on the south coast of the United Kingdom. He has worked in the industry for over 15 years and specializes in helping law firms generate more business online. He was worked abroad and for some large companies and in this interview offers his insights into the world of online marketing, strategies, and some of his own personal experiences.

1. Could you please give a brief introduction to who you are and what you do?

Thanks for giving me the opportunity! I am English and have worked in the online sector since the year 2000. I currently run a business that provides online marketing services and lead generation to the legal industry. This involves quite a few different disciplines including search engine optimization and in-bound marketing strategies.

2. I know that you worked abroad for a few years--what's your insight into that experience, and do you have any advice you can give to other people thinking about doing the same?

Sure. Before I ran my own business, I was the European online marketing manager for an American company called Garmin. They moved me over to Switzerland to manage all their online marketing, and I ended up living in the north of the country.

It was a fantastic experience for my wife and me. We would wake up and see the Swiss Alps from our bedroom window each morning, traveled extensively, and tasted a very different way of life. If any of your readers are given a similar opportunity, then I hope they grasp it with both hands.

3. Could you tell me a little more about your own business and what exactly it is that you do?

For the last few years, I have run SEO agencies serving a wide range of clients. Many of our clients have been personal injury lawyers and personal injury solicitors. It made sense to start specializing in that field, because I think that you can bring a lot more value as a specialist marketing agency to companies in a particular field.

So with that in mind, recently the parent company of my SEO agencies that I own, FIMA Digital, has started to exclusively work with personal injury firms, in particular the field of online lead generation. On the FIMA Digital website there's a lot more information about how this works.

We provide specialist solutions to them, and help generate millions of pounds of business into the industry each and every year.

This also involves aspects such as an affiliate program which you can read more about on our corporate website. That lets other suppliers jump on board with us and start monetizing their content to visitors which can then go into use the services of the UK solicitors and accident claims companies that we partner with.

4. What does a typical day involve in your offices?

Currently, it seems to involve a lot of phone calls from our clients. My role is really to be the main point of contact for the firms using our services, providing the specialist knowledge to them, whilst the employees of FIMA then action the strategies that I have helped to develop.

No one day is the same.

5. How it the world of online marketing changing, if at all?

Good question. I think that search engine optimization in particular is changing, and has undoubtedly become more difficult over the last two years. This has meant that a lot of the old agencies who didn't really understand it have started to drop off.

Consequently, there is a demand for more specialist support, which is how I view FIMA Digital and how our proposition fits with the aspirations of our clients.

6. One more question! Do you have any tips for aspiring online marketers and have any advice on what they could do?

I started out with SEO, building my own websites which I then ran through affiliate marketing channels. This is a great way to start if you want to dip your toes into the industry. I also think that it's very worthwhile now looking into paid search, because ultimately you don't want to have all your eggs in one basket as can often be the case when relying just on organic search traffic.

Thanks, Marc!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Introducing the Premium SST Cocktail Shaker Set

The Premium SST Cocktail Shaker Set Bundle sold on Amazon by G&Z Online Marketing comes with a double jigger, two bottle pourers, and over 50 recipes. This 24oz martini bar kit is a nice holiday gift item made from high-quality, dishwasher-safe stainless steel and guaranteed to stay rust-free.

I talked with one of the partners who created the product, and he's offering a special coupon to readers of this blog. The coupon code for 10% off: just use the Code "BLOGSP10" (Blog Special 10%). The coupon has a limit for one usage per customer, and it can be used for multiple units in the same purchase.

1. I like that your product comes with accessories and recipes. Would you tell us a little more about everything that comes with the cocktail shaker?

Our Premium Cocktail Shaker comes with all you need to make drinks at home. First is the actual shaker: it's a three-piece shaker, with a body/cup, lid and cap. The lid has a built-in strainer to keep everything you don't need away from your drink. Also, we have a double jigger, which is a measuring cup for drinks, 1/2 oz and 1oz, and two bottle pourers to fit on the bottle to avoid dripping all over the kitchen.

With every purchase, we also give an eBook with tips, tricks, and over 50 recipes.

2. As for the shaker itself, how did you choose materials and test the product to make sure it met your specifications before having a factory produce it for you?

Well, it was not as easy as I expected. We hired three material engineers, went over many, many reviews and complaints on other products, and did deep market research for materials best for use in the kitchen, until we decided to go with stainless steel 18/8 (aka Grade 304), as it's food safe, rust-free, dishwasher safe and on top has a nice, shiny look.

3. How did your earlier work experience as a bartender influence your design of your product?

As both myself and my wife worked as bartenders, we know what we want: size, shake, grip, weight, and so it took some time to find the right partner and factory to product it according to our needs, but where there is a will, there is a way....

4. What do you like about Amazon as a platform for selling your product?

I like that customers are coming to buy, and they have a very big variety to choose from. They can feel safe when purchasing as Amazon and we as sellers provide an excellent return policy and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I appreciate the great customer service and amazingly fast delivery that our customers receive as we use Fulfillment by Amazon. I myself have been a loyal Amazon Customer for over eight years.

5. What has been the response from customers so far?

Customers love the product. We get many emails which tell us, "Thanks, this is an amazing product, best shaker ever." Even though we knew we'd come up with a good product, the love we get from the customers is more than we could ever have expected. I do believe when you make quality products and back them with value for the money and great customer service, customers get a good deal and appreciate it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Meet Per Wickstrom, Founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation

Per Wickstrom overcame his battle with addiction in his mid-30s. It was a tough battle, but Per managed to pull through after he found the right rehab program. When Per Wickstrom became sober, he decided he wanted to help others become sober and opened his own drug rehab centers. Learn more about him at

1. In your own life, what was the turning point that led you to seek recovery?

The turning point in my life was when I didn't have control over when I wanted to take drugs or drink. It was my body that decided when to take them as soon as I was going through withdrawal. I came to this realization in my late 30s. I considered taking drugs as something to do on weekends just to take the edge off from the stress of the week. I knew right away that when it got to the point I needed to take drugs every day, there was an issue. It was something I had to do for myself.

2. What do you think of the 12-step programs in obtaining and maintaining sobriety?

I think it might work for some people, but definitely not for all addicts. Take me, for example; I tried to quit a few dozen times but never always needed up going back to using again. This cycle stopped when I was placed in a program, which spoke to me, and I never went back to using again. Everyone is different; therefore, the way they overcome addiction is different as well. At my rehab centers, we offer five different programs our clients can choose from. The success rate is much higher compared to our competitors who only offer one program.

3. In founding your own rehab center, what were some of your "must-haves" for the facility itself?

The must-haves at the facility are staff that are very supportive and help out the patient whenever they think they can't do it any more. Another must-have is, like I mentioned, the choice between many different programs as well as creating new routines and schedules for patients so that when they graduate from the facilities, they stick to the routines they were taught during their recovery. This ensures they will not go back to their old life and their old routines, which may trigger them to use again. After someone graduates from our facilities, they are appointed a counselor to be able to contact if ever they are going through a hard time in their lives.

4. Would you tell us a little more about what the holistic approach at your center involves?

The Holistic track provides the patient with an enhancement of their rehabilitation through our treatment program. These elements can include yoga, guided imagery, relaxation sessions, and the philosophy and spirituality of Martial Arts, and also includes lectures by recovering addicts, alcoholics, and counselors. This is one of our popular programs chosen by patients at our rehab centers.

5. For family members or friends who want to talk to someone dealing with addiction about the possibility of seeking treatment, do you have any advice?

My advice is to seek help as soon as possible. But the addict has to recognize they have a problem and want to do something about it. It is very difficult to convince someone to go to rehab, but they have to see how their actions are hurting themselves and other people around them. This is exactly what I went through on my journey to recovery. It was only when I realized I had hit rock bottom that it was time to make a change in my life.

Thanks, Per!

Meet Richard Mills, CEO of SleepCogni

Richard Mills, CEO of SleepCogni, is a double award winning medical device innovator. His previous product innovation, Swellaway, went onto raise significant VC funding and won the national Medilink innovation of 2015. He has over 20 years experience in leading internet, medical, and technology companies. He is quoted as being one of the top ten of Yorkshire, UK entrepreneurs.

SleepCogni is the world's first bedside sleep device that integrates cognitive science and CBT, stimulus control, and physiological measures that allow the individual to self-manage their insomnia. SleepCogni combines environmental and personal data into an interactive sensory experience device.

A Kickstarter campaign to fund SleepCogni is currently underway.

1. How did your own difficulties with insomnia help give you the idea for SleepCogni?

I had suffered from insomnia for many years, unable to switch off a busy mind and fall asleep. I was so desperate to find a natural way of falling asleep, and determined to overcome his addiction to sleeping pills that I turned to what I knows best--technology. I believed that the secret was in reversing the ill effects of the daily stimulus and helping the mind and body wind-down with natural sleep cues to a sleep ready state. 

My objective is to help the world rid itself of sleeping tablets. They are addictive and harmful, with over 75M prescriptions for sleep disorders written in the US/UK alone in 2014, an average growth of 23% on the previous year. The Centre of Disease & Control (CDC) say sleep deprivation is now a global health epidemic. 

2. What distinguishes your product from other treatments or products meant to help people sleep?

SleepCogni is the world's first bedside sleep device that integrates cognitive science, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and stimulus control. SleepCogni's patented technology monitors the bedroom environment, but more importantly measures you physiologically, which then allows you, the individual, to self-manage and induce sleep. Our independent clinical research has proven that the way you wind down to sleep can actually improve your overall sleep quality and duration, too.

SleepCogni combines environmental and personal data into an interactive sensory experience using techniques based on CBT, the proven gold standard insomnia treatment. The bedside device produces a personalized program of audio, visual, and tactile natural sleep cues based on the user's physiological state, winding the user down to a relaxing, sleep ready state. Engaging with SleepCogni via the trigger component distracts a busy/wandering mind, and the gradually decreasing sleep cues act as confirmation (bio-feedback) that you are relaxing and unwinding from the blur and stress of the day, allowing you to drift off to sleep.

The uniqueness of SleepCogni is that it is personalized to the user; it monitors the body and--unlike any other device on the market--interacts with it to help the user reverse the ill-effects of the day and to induce sleep. SleepCogni also works as a training program, which means it becomes more effective the more it's used as it teaches you to wind down.

3. How does SleepCogni help to counteract the negative effects of the light we take in all day and evening from TV, computers, phones, etc?

Stress and over-stimulus in day to day life is contributing to our inability to fall sleep and stay asleep. We are all being hyper-aroused and over-stimulated from the moment we wake up through all of our visual, sound, and tactile senses. Many things are triggering our "fight and flight" mode. Unnatural sounds and artificial lighting can interfere with our biological clock delaying the natural cues our body receives throughout the day to which circadian phase we are in and ultimately the onset of sleep.

For many, our normal pattern of winding down before bed now involves watching films, using smart phones or tablets, catching up with social media, or browsing the internet before bed. But it is these devices that emit blue light to which our body is most sensitive. Such sub-optimal lighting suppresses melatonin and disturbs our biological clock, delaying our natural cues‎ to sleep. SleepCogni's sensory wind down program helps to counteract the effects of these devices.

4. What are the roles of sound and light when it comes to helping us sleep?

After extensive research, we found that your senses all naturally wind down as you get ready to sleep. Firstly, this happens through visual cues and the light sequence. Secondly, you focus on audio cues through our stereo speakers washing soundwaves over you, listening more intensely as your eyes become tired. Finally, you experience a gentle vibration for tactile cues through the trigger device.

Recent studies have shown that blue light (short-wavelength) has a greater effect on shifting the circadian clock and on melatonin suppression.

One study examined the effects of reading on a light-emitting device compared with reading a printed book. Participants who read on light-emitting devices took longer to fall asleep, had less REM sleep [the phase when we dream], and had higher alertness before bedtime [than those people who read printed books]. SleepCogni avoids using blue light. Instead, we use non-stimulating wavelengths (≥ 510nm).

SleepCogni has an array of sensors that feeds back into the generation of specific sounds which will bring down your heart rate, calm down the mind, and help you sleep more quickly. The music and soundscapes (of which there will be more than one and personalized) will consist of elements that can change tempo, timbre, and pitch.

5. How did you decide on Kickstarter to launch your product--and what are you offering to people who support your campaign?

I really like the idea of crowdfunding, people around the world helping designers and entrepreneurs get their idea/product innovation off the ground. Kickstarter is a global platform, and we believe we have a product that can help sleep sufferers / insomniacs get a good night sleep around the world.

We are offering early birds, before the 10th of December, a 50% discount and to be first to use the bedside device for just £99 / $149. Learn more at

Thanks, Richard!