Monday, December 18, 2017

Meet Michael Sheahan, Author and NYPD Detective

Michael Sheahan is a highly decorated retired NYPD Detective from the NYPD/FBI Joint Federal Task Force. Michael is also an award winning Childrens book author, Singer-Songwriter, producer and Publisher. Many years ago he formed a conglomerate of companies under Finest Worldwide Entertainment (Finest Music, Finest Books, Finest Media, Fine St Records & Finest Worldwide Management Group). Michael created a character named Mr. Holidays, and released his first book with a musical CD & Dance instructional DVD titled “Mr. Holidays Presents The Roof Top Hop” It won three of the biggest awards in the children’s book industry for Best Holiday Book, Best Holiday book with music/Theatrical, and the prestigious Independent Books Publishers award.

Michael hopes he can donate over 100,000 books and ship them in time for Christmas 2017. He titled this campaign "The Gift Keeps Giving" cause he feels it was a gift from above that inspired him to create Mr. Holidays. A gift of being honored with three awards for his creation, and a gift to be able to pay it forward to bring a smile to children's faces this Christmas 2017 Holiday Season.

1. How did you come up with the character of Mr. Holidays, and what would you most like our readers to know about him?

I created Mr. Holidays to be a safe keeper of all the holidays in the calendar year. To promote the old traditions as well as create new fun ways to celebrate with family and friends.

2. What would you like people to know about you and your books?

I think your readers should know that deep down inside I’m still a big kid, and I have always loved and cherished sharing the holidays with family and friends. It was always a time in my house growing up where we just slowed down enough to continue the family traditions to spend, share and enjoy quality time with each other making new memories each and every year. Christmas wasn’t a day when I was a child. It was at least two weeks or more spread out visiting friends and family. It kind of kicked off a week after Thanksgiving. I think it’s such an important time especially for the children to be in the middle of the adults conversation with their grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, cousins and friends sharing and learning the family traditions. Just hearing the stories and old tales that were passed down from generation to generation. I feel it’s so important to their upbringing knowing that they have the support and a solid foundation helping them feel secure and loved.

3. Would you tell us a little more about how you were inspired to create Mr. Holidays?

I was inspired to create Mr. Holidays through several experiences with my own children and their friends. On one occasion we had a birthday party for our youngest child who at the time just turned six or seven. We had several friends over and had a really enjoyable day playing games and having pizza and all sorts of goodies for desert. By the end of the evening the children were settling down waiting to be picked up by their parents. I pulled out my guitar and we had a sing-along. After several songs that were known by the children I started singing a few Christmas songs because it was only a few weeks away. While every one was singing one child pipes up to all of our surprise that he does not believe in Santa. I looked at my sons face expressing a shocked questionable look, and I quickly replied well that’s fine that you don’t believe in Santa, but in this house we love Santa.

When all the children left and my little guy went to bed I asked my wife how could that little child already not believe in Santa…He’s so young? My wife replied "for some people Christmas is just another day. With both parents working full time it’s not easy..."

Thanks, Michael!

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