Monday, November 20, 2017

Meet Jan Mayfield, Teacher

From teacher to teacher. Jan has traveled full circle after battling a medical condition. She now teachers others how to live with theirs. Empowering change in business and personal lives is her passion as she watches how others grow with her guidance. Learn more by visiting and

1. What are the Universal Energies, and could you tell us a little bit about their importance in your life?

I believe the Universal Energies are all around us and we can connect to them to help us in this life. Universal Energies will include; Angles, other etherical beings… god; people have their own names and beliefs they are all in the energy.

Their importance to me, is an amazing source of life guidance, wisdom and signposts for our direction.

2. What is the Zoetic Soul, and what inspired you to write a book on this topic?

Zoetic means pertaining to life and my book is essentially about the soul. Therefore, the title seemed appropriate, Zoetic Soul. (Pertaining to the life of the soul).

My inspirations were my grandmother and my love for all things universal. Giving people different ways of thinking to those they have been conditioned to think by. To change thought patterns to release their perfect vision for their own life. Observing change in people is, well, I have shed many tears as I see people grow beyond their original thoughts. Changing the flow of energy to create new. The point is they only make a tiny change to begin with, what follows is an eruption of ideas ready to put into motion. That happiness which shines from makes my work complete.

Zoetic Soul, looks at my life just before writing, and 2 years of ‘coincidences’. Many hours of trance work gave me the dialogue of the soul who had passed over.

A whole chapter about suicide, this again is a different way to look at this way of passing and has helped so many people who have lost someone they love to suicide.

Synchronicities in life are given for a reason, examples and true-life experiences show you how and why they come into your life. More importantly you are shown how to deal with and move on from each experience.

Reading Zoetic Soul will give you a unique experience as I know of no other book like this.

3. How have your own life experiences inspired you to help others?

Going through and coming out the other side of Depression, suicidal thoughts and learning to live with Fibromyalgia have given me so many tools to share with others.

This inspires me as I know others don’t have to be in that state of existence, they can LIVE their life.

Being empathic to my own needs created a universal insight, wisdom and energy which I pass on to others.

4. What are some of the ways that you connect with and help other people through your work?

Over the years many people have connected with me through the Psychic Medium work. However, they soon realise my work is not that of a “fortune teller” as we are often described.

Again, and again I hear people say, “I never thought of it in that way.”

They then go on to think about their life and problems in a different way. Slowly releasing their conditioning.

My intuition is strong and can pick up easily what people are going through, who connects to them from the other-side, and their future possibilities.

Using Internet connections to speak to people all over the world allows me to spread the message I am here to deliver/teach.

People may come to me when someone has passed over.

People are often stuck in their personal or business life.

People may just need that shift in their vision of their own life.

People will sign up for a 6/12 month programme to get them on track with a new project or life experience.

People may have an hour consultation co-creating purpose.

5. Do you have any advice for other people who want to become more aware of their own intuitive abilities?

To open up your intuitive abilities often requires you to be still, silent and allow the forces that be to communicate with you. Ask and you shall be given.

Many people hold on to so much from their past which no longer serves them. To these people I would say let go forever and naturally you will begin to see changes in perception.

ALWAYS be your own unique self and allow all that is within you to shine. Go with your inner guide, that feeling in your gut that says all is well or gives an indication of a certain answer.

No one can give you intuition it is already there ready for you to access it.

Be guided and allow guidance.

Thanks, Jan!

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