Sunday, November 22, 2015

Introducing Murphy Ben International

Murphy Ben International is an entertainment company located in Lagos, Nigeria. Murphy Ben international creates, showcases, and aggregates African culture. Their goal is to promote African culture with the many websites, and they are the most popular Youtube channel in Africa, and you can learn more about them on Facebook.

1. How did Murphy Ben International first get started back in 2009?

The company was founded by CEO Murphy Anawana. He recognized a passion for music and entertainment himself; therefore, as a long-term dream, he wanted to follow through and have his own entertainment company.

2. Would you describe the company's work related to YouTube in Africa?

They create music videos and songs in order to promote African content. YouTube is so popular that it is easy to promote any new music. Murphy Ben International realized that YouTube is what helped the company be successful today.

3. How have you seen satellite television grow in Africa over the last few years?

It has grown immensely. Everything related to technology in Africa is continuously growing which is great for the company.

4. How are you addressing racism through your "I Am Wonderfully Made" campaign?

Everyone, every race needs to realize that we are all humans and we are all beautiful. Being a company that promotes African entertainment and talent, it is a different style than the popular music in America, therefore promoting that we are all equal as individuals, no matter what the differences.

5. What do you see as the future of Murphy Ben International?

Right now, with Africa continuously developing especially with technology, I see the future of Murphy Ben International as successful. It is looking good with what has been produced, and the production team is great and hard working.


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