Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Resource for Finding Insurance

You only have to turn the TV on for a few moments to see commercials for home and auto insurance. Lots of companies are competing for your insurance dollars, so how do you choose the right company (or companies) for you?

Many people will agree that the best way to choose your insurance is to compare quotes from different companies. Does this mean clicking around from website to website and setting up a spreadsheet to keep track of your results? Well, it could mean that--or you could save yourself some time and aggravation by visiting a website that offers an auto insurance comparison.

It's always nice when someone compiles a bunch of information on a website to save you the trouble of looking it all up! If you visit the site, you can simply enter your zip code to find out what policies and rates are available in your area.

You can also search the site for information about specific companies. I think this is a great feature because as I mentioned initially, we're bombarded with TV ads for insurance companies--not to mention direct mail and online ads. So the next time you see an ad, why not check it out online to see what your actual rates might be? For example, you can check out the rates for the well-know esurance home insurance and get a quote that applies to your own personal situation.

Different companies have different rules about eligibility, how to apply, and more. Personally, I suggest starting at a clearinghouse-type site with info about many different companies, and then clicking through to the company of your choice to find out all the nuts and bolts of the actual process of signing up for a policy. Really, looking at a company's online (and telephone) customer service when signing up is a great way to assess a company because you want to feel that you can communicate easily with the company reps in the event that you have to file a home or auto claim.

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