Sunday, November 8, 2015

Introducing CloverSac Purse Rain Covers for Designer Handbags

If you follow this blog, you may remember my recent post about the purse organizer and base shaper products from CloverSac. If you love designer purses and want to keep your purse looking good for as long as possible, another great product from CloverSac is their purse rain cover.

What do you do when you're caught in the rain with an expensive handbag? Your umbrella may keep you dry, but raindrops might fall on your purse, which can potentially cause permanent marks. Some women apply a water-repellent spray to their bags to prevent rain from damaging the leather; however, many women don't like this method because it can turn the handbags into a darker shade of color.

Enter the CloverSac purse rain cover. Basically, this product is a raincoat designed for your handbag. It's simple and practical. It works like a waterproof plastic drape which covers your handbag. There an opening in the top, and you open it to put your bag inside. Then you fasten the Velcro opening from the top to protect your bag. The handle of the bag comes through the top so that you can still carry the bag easily.

The CloverSac purse raincoats alsocome with a pouch that allows you to fold and store it in your purse when not in use. To find out more about purse raincoat by CloverSac, please visit

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