Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Introducing the Purse Organizer and Base Shaper by CloverSac

Have you ever found a bag where you love how it looks on the outside, but you find that it desperately needs more pockets on the inside to be useful and practical? Do you want to find products to help you extend the life and maintain the looks of your designer bags? If you're looking for ways to organize and maintain your expensive designer handbags, check out CloverSac.

One of the bestselling products created by CloverSac is their purse organizer insert, known as Emma 28 and Emma 22. What makes this purse organizer insert stand out compared to those available from other retailers is that it has a very clever design which gives it structure, while also making it lightweight and safe to use. It keeps all of your items safely in place, and it maintains a nice shape to your bag.

Something else that makes this product stand out is that CloverSac is probably one of the first companies in the world that has sent their purse organizer to a credited lab, Bureau Veritas, for a colorfastness test. This is to ensure that the color on its purse organizer does not transfer onto any surface that it comes in contact with. Again, this maintains the integrity of your designer bag and keeps it looking pristine.

After the organizer, the next bestselling product by CloverSac is the base shaper which you insert at the bottom of your handbag to prevent the bag from sagging at the bottom. It is one of the lightest base shapers in the world, and very convenient to use.

CloverSac is a company that specializes in designing purse organizer inserts, base shapers, pillow shapers, and rain coats for popular designer brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, Celine, and many more. CloverSac has shipped thousands of their products worldwide to countries such as United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Singapore. For more information, please visit

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