Saturday, October 10, 2015

Meet Yiely of Coidak, Retailer of LED Lighting

Yiely is the sales manager of the Coidak Team. Coidak sells a variety of LED products, including light bulbs and clocks. Find their products on Amazon by clicking here.

1. What first captured your interest in LED products?

My first job was working in a big LED factory. That was the first time I knew about LED lights.

2. What are some of the benefits of LED lights over older forms of lighting?

LED lights are very interesting. This type of lighting is more convenient, and as you well know, LED lights save energy than traditional lights.

My favorite LED lights are smart lights: you wouldn't have imagined before that you could control your LED bulb via remote controller. I think LED lights like this make people's lives happier. Even using a very simple LED stage light, you can have a party with your family or friends easily. And with wireless motion sensor lights, under-cabinet lights, LED PAR stage lights, and so on, some fantastic LED lights will appear everywhere in your life.

Coidak's brand slogan is that we create intelligent and green life for you. We hope every customer can enjoy life with Coidak LED lights.

3. How do LED lights work such that they allow for different colors of light from the same bulb?

RGB LED lights are very popular. There are RGB LED beads in this type of light, so it can achieve different colors of light from one bulb.

4. What has your experience been like selling your products on Amazon?

I have five years experience on selling products on Amazon. I also was selling products on eBay for 2 years before. Choosing Amazon FBA is very convenient for us, and our customers can receive items in 1-3 business days while Amazon deals with the most of the customer service.

With Amazon handling fulfillment and customer service, our main time is spent on developing new LED lights, controlling product quality, and packaging and sending products to the Amazon warehouse. All of our products are tested before being sent to Amazon's warehouse.

We'd like to design more smart LED lights, so we will do more questionnaires and then work with developing ideas in response to customers' feedback and design more intelligent LED lights. We'll cooperate with the LED factory we partner with so that we can control the product quality and also control that all of our products have the best prices for our customers. Factory to customer would be cool!

5. So far, which of your products have been most popular with consumers?

Coidak remote controller RGB bulb and Coidak LED Motion Sensor Spotlight are the most popular. I also recommend our new Coidak wake up light. To see more products details please check our Amazon Coidak store.

Thanks, Yiely!

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