Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Meet Casuel Pitts, CEO of Ultimate Discount Services INC

Casuel Pitts is the CEO of Ultimate Discount Services INC. The company offers a membership-based service that can help you pay for everyday incidents like traffic accidents and so on by helping you pay for your deductibles and co-payments. Learn more at

1. What are some of the benefits that members receive through Ultimate Discount Services INC?

We provide eight services that are tied into a membership which are:

50% off your Auto Deducible
50% off any Traffic Related Violation
50% off our Cell Phone Deductible
50% off your Medical Co-Pay
50% off your Dental Co-Pay
50% off your Vision Co-Pay
A Credit Repair Program
An Investment Program

2. What are the key differences between Ultimate Discount Services INC and insurance companies?

The difference between UDS INC and insurance is we are a membership entity, and we have more leverage to benefit our customers vs insurance providing one service. Plus, we are more affordable.

3. How did your company first get started, and what inspired you to launch it?

June 1 2014 is when UDS INC, was created, and what inspired me was I wanted to create something that was fulfilling a need and not a want. We as the consumer can't predict what goes on in our lives, and that's why UDS INC, gives you reassurance that you are safe.

4. How has your company grown in the (almost) year since it first started?

We have networked with major companies like Sam's Club, Mountain Dew, World-Wide Marketing-Finance Consulting LLC, and many more. We also have opened up two offices in Minnesota and Illinois.

5. In covering deductibles, co-pays, etc, are there specific insurance companies that Ultimate Discount Services INC doesn't work with--and are there any other details that people should know before joining?

We work with any insurance, and there are no restrictions. We have a Travel Club Program and a Put It On A Bill Program. For more information about how these programs work, please call 321-283-5800. You can also watch the video below.

Thanks, Casuel!

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