Thursday, April 23, 2015

Introducing NicerOdds, a Site for Comparing Odds

The people behind have been comparing odds for over 30 years. Their website launched in 2003. You can find odds tables related to all sorts of sports betting.

As a newbie when it comes to betting, I was glad for some of the explanatory info about odds on the NicerOdds website. Basically, they explain that if you are going to do some betting, you would do well to compare and analyze the odds for different events to choose the odds that might help you maximize your chances when it comes to any money you're going to lay out. You can find odds for sports in the UK, US, and more--plus you can find odds for specific non-sporting events such as the Academy Awards.

You can also use this information for fun that doesn't involve betting, such as participating in fantasy sports leagues, etc. One thing I like about the NicerOdds site is that if you click on the sidebar for a specific sport, you can get an overall preview/profile of the current or upcoming season. For example, I clicked on the link for baseball and learned that my local Seattle Mariners have better odds that I realized to win the World Series this year. Go figure!

At the bottom of the sidebar, below the list of individual sports, you can also find links for "old odds" and "upcoming odds." These are interesting resources if you want to get a historical perspective on how the odds have related to the actual winners of events. And the upcoming odds can help you think ahead, especially to unique events. For example, the current list of upcoming odds includes the Eurovision Song Contest and the Nobel Prize for Literature (go, Haruki Murakami!).

The best part about NicerOdds is that the site has a straightforward, simple layout, and there aren't a bunch of ads or anything. It just feels like an informative site, not a site that's trying to sell you a bunch of stuff. And that's always a pleasure to find!

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