Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meet Jerry Jones, Marketing Expert

Based in the Willamette Valley, Jerry Jones is an expert on professional practice marketing with nearly 20 years of experience. He spends most of his time developing marketing and advertising strategies for his limited number of private clients and ClearPath Society Members. He helps clients with writing, creating, designing, and tracking results for various new patient/client attraction and patient/client retention marketing campaigns.

1. As someone who is not a dentist, how did you first become interested in the business of dentistry?

After completing my undergraduate degree, I spent a couple of years in Washington, DC. I worked as a staffer for a US Senator and decided to return to the west coast, where I contemplated attending graduate school, but in the interim, got sidetracked by working for a dentist on his nationally-circulated newsletters. Since the focus of his newsletters was business in nature, it appealed to me--in particular, the marketing side--which is the driver of all business. A few short years later, I actually bought one of his companies. I quickly grew it and sold it a handful of years later, to a former employee. And, a few short years after that, the call was strong to return and I did. Today, after having re-launching my original business, we now work with hundreds of dentists and financial planners all over the world on helping them grow their practices through smart, reliable, direct response marketing.

2. What are some of the unique marketing challenges faced by dentists?

The average patients (and most dentists) have it in their minds that dentists are selling pain and the high cost of health care. So, it's often perceived as an uphill battle. It's two strikes before they even step up to the plate.

However, dentists are also selling beauty and cosmetic/smile enhancement and health solutions. Most dentists don't view themselves as solution providers to some of the most challenging cosmetic hurdles most of us have. Almost everyone wants an improved smile and most certainly a healthy mouth. To be successful in dentistry as a business, it takes a marketer to get the patients to raise their hand/create interest, an artist and skilled clinician, a salesman's skills to present the solutions, and, a business mind to connect the dots to ensure the process gets repeated. It's not complicated. However, most dentists are too narrowly focused on the technical and artisan approaches, leaving all other aspects of the business to chance. After all, only a small percentage of dentists have business degrees. They went to dental school, not business school. That's where my company comes in to play.

3. What inspired you to write your book, 24 Common Mistakes Doctors Make That Destroy Their Business(es) and Retirement?

As a businessman, I've made every one of them. They were easy to write about, and, my members and clients quickly understand them since so many have also. The book shares my struggles in business and helps build a collaborative bond and potential relationship with those who read it.

4. Would you tell us a little bit about your ClearPath Society and what it offers?

The ClearPath Society® is an association of like-minded, success-oriented individuals aligned to help each other create and maintain a high-profit, low-overhead, low-stress, lifestyle business.

Among numerous privileges, members receive unrestricted access to dentistry's most significant source of constantly evolving, trusted, and proven patient attraction and retention strategies--the lifeblood of business.

Members get access to exclusive turn key new patient attraction and retention solutions.

These include turn key fully-customized patient newsletters, postcards, free standing inserts, newspaper ads, Yellow Pages ads, monthly patient offers, and more.

I continue to create unique patient attraction strategies to include hundreds of new patient ads, office marketing strategies, and patient retention systems for ClearPath members. Members receive a license and royalty-free access to the enormous catalog of ads I have produced for members. The ads and systems are all fully-vetted, at SofTouch Dental™, prior to release for member use.

Members also participate in an annual gathering designed to emulate and improve upon Napoleon Hill's Mastermind concept. And I provide dentists with a decision "lifeline": an always-open resource available exclusively to members to receive feedback on ideas, thoughts, and dental business strategy.

More information is available at

5. Do you see your goal as helping entrepreneurs become involved in dentistry or helping dentists become stronger entrepreneurs--or both?

No question, both. There's a strong need and place for both in dentistry. With having entrepreneurs more involved in this segment of the healthcare industry, it will grow quickly and reach more potential patients. Plus, the advancement of technology breakthroughs will no doubt occur far faster. There's a place for solo practicing dentists in dentistry and always will be. There's also a place for group practice, big box chain organizations, and, even franchise organizations. At Jerry Jones Direct and through my ClearPath Society®, we’re actually bringing to market a hugely successful dental office model that brings forth the best of both worlds. Your readers can learn more at

Thanks, Jerry!

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