Sunday, May 4, 2014

Trading Robots and

I learn a lot of different things about business and finance through topics that people suggest for this blog, and here's a new one: trading robots. Turns out that there's an investment management company called AlgoRates which uses complex software to predict market changes.

The trading robots from AlgoRates use algorithmic software to make predictions. Using trends in the marketplace and looking at past data, the system makes projections about future prices. The software can sift through thousands of pieces of data to find useful indicators. The robots have led to successful predictions regarding the value of currency and precious metals. AlgoRates couples technically sophisticated software with experienced brokers who interpret the data.

There are a lot of different investment funds out there. It's interesting indeed to look at the different ways that different firms are collecting and analyzing data with the help of software as well as experienced brokers. I know I have a lot more to learn on this topic!

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