Sunday, May 4, 2014

Meir Ezra on Establishing and Selling Successful Companies

Have you heard of Meir Ezra? He taught himself computer programming and went on to start and then sell some successful companies. He got his start as an entrepreneur when he came up with data dictionary editor called Addicted, and he also is known for developing FuelSafe, a fuel and fleet management system. His current project is TimeMaker LLC, a software development company with an emphasis on business communication and task management.

I'd be happy to start and sell just one great idea, but Ezra has the knack for developing ideas and has been able to repeat his performance as a top entrepreneur. If you'd like to learn more about this creative businessperson, check out the interview with Meir Ezra on Exit This Way.

Exit This Way is a podcast series hosted by Kerri Salls, a well-known exit strategist. If you want create and then sell a business, this is a unique series with conversations about how to create a strong business, make it attractive to buyers, and plan ahead so that you'll be able to choose to exit your business at the right time. The show lets listeners benefit from the experience of the guests, who are CEOs and experts in business planning and exit strategy.

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