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Excerpt from The Whimzy and Whammy of Chase and Chance

Sheron Archibald is the author of the children's book, The Whimzy and Whammy of Chase and Chance, available on Amazon. Sheron describes herself as an avid reader and a bit of a philosopher. She was born and raised on the island of Grenada, in the British West Indies. Today she lives in Canada. Sheron is a strong advocate for social justice, especially for the elderly and the poor.

The title characters of Sheron's book, Chase and Chance are from Brampton, Ontario. Their escapades, quirkiness, and ability to ask spot-on questions leave readers blushing and roaring with laughter. They are twins with a little sister named Chloe.

Below is an excerpt from The Whimzy and Whammy of Chase and Chance.

Mother, What Are Twins?

It was a nice day outside, and Mother was doing errands with Chase, Chance and Chloe. She had to grab some things at the store, go to the post office, and get something at the pet store. The children loved going to the pet store to see all of the animals. They walked around inside and saw fish, hamsters, ferrets, birds, and a very special surprise! Someone had brought a litter of kittens to the store to be adopted. The children loved watching the kittens play together. They all looked the same--all black with white paws. Chance and Chase especially loved watching two very playful kittens in the litter. They were chasing each other's tails and swatting at them. Then, they were chasing their own tails. Then, the silly kittens were reaching through the cage to try to touch the boys.

"Aww, so cute! It is twins watching twins!" said the store clerk.

Mother smiled and nodded her head. "Yes, they are. They are very special indeed!" said Mother.

"Can we keep them?" asked Chance and Chase in unison.

"Not today, boys. We are not getting any kittens anytime soon," replied Mother. After paying for the food that Mother had gone to the store for, they headed home.

While riding in the car, Chase and Chance got to thinking a lot about what the clerk at the store said. "Mother, why do people call us twins? What does it mean?" asked the boys.

"Well, it means that you both were in my belly at the same time. You were born on the same day, so you shared the same space as you grew. It is kind of like those kittens you were watching. You remember how they looked so alike? That is because they were in their mother cat's belly at the same time. They grew inside of her and were born the same day. That makes them a lot alike. But they are still different kittens and have their own personalities, just like both of you. It makes you very special," explained Mother.

"Oh, okay. Well, what about Chloe? Does that mean she isn't special? We love you, Chloe. You are special to us," said the boys trying to make sure Chloe knew she was special.

"All of you are very special. You are all special people, and you all have different things that make you special. Only some mommies get to have twins. That's what makes it so special. But you are still different because you are not exactly the same. You have different personalities and different likes. Chloe is very special because there is no one in the whole world who is like her. And there is no other Chase like you, and there is no other Chance like you. That makes you both very special, too. Chase, you came out of my belly first, so that makes you the oldest. And Chance, you came out of my belly right after Chase. Just like those kittens, one of them came out first, and that makes them the oldest. Also, one of them is the youngest because they came out last. But I want you all to know that you are all very special to me because you all are mine and you will always be mine. You’re my Chase, my Chance and my Chloe, all special for being who you are."

"Oh, we get it now. So, can we get those kittens? They are twins, and you said they are special, so they need a special home. You told us that all of us are special, so we would be a very special home for them!" reasoned the boys. Mother just laughed and shook her head.

The End

Thanks, Sheron!

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