Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Meet Denyce, Hair Extensionist and Entrepreneur

Denyce is an expert hair extensionist, manufacturer, and entrepreneur. She is the founder of MyLuxury1st, which is the leading luxury eTailer of 100% real human hair extensions. She hand-makes them, so they are proudly handmade in USA and sold exclusively online.

In addition to her company website, find out more about Denyce and her products by visiting her Amazon store, her Facebook page, and her Instagram site.

1. How did you first become interested in making and selling hair extensions?

I first became interested in making hair extensions actually when I was just a little girl. I don't even know where I got the idea; it just popped in my head. My mother or sister never wore them, and I used to make hair extensions out of paper and wrap them about my head at home! That was then. Now from a business standpoint, I have always done my own hair and just wanted to try other methods. After not getting the customer service I thought I deserved from other companies, I decided why not make my own hair extensions and see how that goes? I began just making a few different clip-in sets and posting them online; you know how we make something at home and post it on Facebook or social media... Well, I did that, and people began to show their interest, so I was definitely onto something. Stylists wanted to know where they could get them and offered to pay me for my work, so I went into business!

2. Could you tell us a little about your process of making hair extensions by hand?

The process I use in handmaking hair extensions is all up to my customers. Although I have patterns set out for customers to choose from just in case they are not familiar or may not know how to choose, they can always tell me what they want! With that information, I choose the weft and amount of hair needed and begin production: whether it's clip-ins, U tip, tape-ins, or even just cutting hair so that they can have a certain amount of hair for the style they have in mind.

3. As a consumer, what should someone look for when it comes to choosing a high-quality hair extension product?

As a consumer, you should look for quality and also read reviews. You can study the product and check for reviews of past consumers. If you don't have time to do this, you can also check for thorough listings and contact the company to see what their customer service is like. This goes a long way.

4. Do you have specific suggestions for people to take good care of their hair extensions (and maybe just their hair in general!)?

My suggestions would be to baby your hair extensions. They are high maintenance and need all the care you can give them because they are now considered dead hair. They are no longer attached to a human head where they are getting constant nutrients, so in order for them to last, you need to wash them every so often with special hair extension shampoo such as the sulphate-free one I offer, and you don't need to wash them constantly. You also need to deep condition them, as this will keep them soft and tangle free. Trim them if needed because hair extensions do get split ends after styling. As for your own hair, treat it just as well. Use heat protection and wrap your hair at night or put it in a lose braid. You can also sleep on a silk or satin pillow sheet so that it reduces the friction.

5. What advice do you have for other people who would like to get into the business of selling beauty-related products?

My advice for anyone trying to get into the business of selling beauty-related products would to be dedicated. Without dedication, your dream will not be brought to reality.

Thanks, Denyce!

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