Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meet Ella Eranthis, Adventurer and YouTuber

Ella Eranthis is the creator and host of a travel vlog which is located on YouTube at Her videos are unique and fun, and she takes viewers to a variety of interesting places, from Area 51 to Louisiana swamplands. Ella is interested in nature, art, and (of course) adventures. Visit her channel to watch as she takes road trips, visits cool hotels, and sees all sorts of urban and rural places. And learn more about Ella on Facebook.

In the video below, Ella meets a crocodile.

1. Where did you grow up, and did you travel a lot with your family when you were a child?

I traveled all the time, and it made for a very unstable childhood but also interesting. I got to know different cultures and customs, and these change with every place, and for me they changed every few years or months. I grew up mostly in Nigeria, Libya, England, and Spain with shorter stays in between in Greece, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and a few others... Love them all, but the hard thing was to leave all my friends behind with each move... and sometimes to never see them again.

2. What are some of the criteria you consider when choosing a travel destination?

Money and weather. I wait for the right time to get all the discounts. Some places are cheaper when off season. Las Vegas has the same hotel rooms go for 700% more for new year's, but the rooms are very cheap during the week many other months. As for weather, some places have rainy seasons. It would be difficult to film then, even if I do have waterproof equipment. Or if visited during the darker months in Alaska, how would I show its beauty then? Weather is very important.

3. What inspired you to start your YouTube travel channel?

Other than the fact that any time I see something awesome I want others to see it, too, and making videos is a great way to share, well, there is something else... I want to show what I learned in childhood: how different we all are. Different cultures, races, cuisines, fashions, customs, plants, animals, languages, religions--all this makes this planet interesting. I look at the picture of Earth as covered with flags, and it makes me happy. There is no one way for everybody, and what is normal in one country becomes strange in another. I love that because what would be the point of travel if we were all the same? (Yet all the time someone out there comes up with new recipe of "one way for everybody." Or there is this problem with tolerance...) We are all different, and places are different, and travel is fun because of it--this is basically the message of my channel. I film in the USA at the moment--an interesting and large country--but eventually I would love to show more.

4. How do you decide what places to feature in your videos?

If I feel excitement at the thought of going there, I know it will make a good video, so only that: the excitement factor.

5. Finally here's a two part question. What are some of the favorite places you've traveled so far, and where haven't you traveled yet but are hoping to visit?

Favorite places in videos so far: Extraterrestrial Highway and the Big Sur. Favorite place from childhood is a place I hope to visit again someday: Tenerife. And would also love to film: Greenland, Alaska, Ecuador (the rainforest there is so amazing!), Hawaii, Egypt, anywhere to film safari animals having fun in freedomland, any part of the Sahara desert, Monte Carlo, Paris, Tokyo, Dubai, Cayman Islands... Actually, to be honest I want to film almost the entire planet but would love to start with these places!

Thanks, Ella!

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Don't stop following your passion! It's great.