Thursday, December 12, 2013

Meet Bruce Boss, CEO at MMAXOUT Fitness

Bruce (The FIT) Boss has trained over 100,000 students in his career teaching MMA, fitness, and nutrition. He is known as an encyclopedia in the MMA fitness world. Students ranging from US military, big-city SWAT cops, and private security have trained with Bruce. He helps produce amazing results in his clients physique while showing them a healthy way of living.

The CEO at MMAXOUT Fitness, Bruce describes MMAXOUT as the largest, most cultivated group of trainers with a positive mindset for your business, from the moment you start looking for a facility through the lease negotiation process or rebuilding your current business center and beyond. MMAXOUT trainers are well-educated on all aspects of the fitness industry. Each and every one of their personally selected trainers strives for positives changes in all of their clients.

1. For individuals who want to alter their workouts, how will adding martial arts components be beneficial to a fitness program?

Adding martial arts to a fitness program will positively change a fitness structure. It will give clients more versatility to their workout. It will increase coordination, and make you stronger and more flexible. Martial arts not only improves cardiovascular health, but you will attain weight loss, and increase muscle tone, reflexes, and mood. Adding martial arts to a fitness program will create such muscle confusion that the results will be striking.

2. For personal trainers and instructors of aerobics and other specific areas, what will MMAXOUT Fitness training add to their repertoire while working with clients/students?

Mmaxout Fitness training brings diversity to the board. In order to work with a various group of individuals with an array of goals, a trainer must be diverse. Knowledge of all types of fitness should be premeditated in order to help clients achieve maximum results. Adding Mmaxout training to one's current knowledge will allow trainers to help their clients attain guaranteed results.

3. How many MMAXOUT locations are currently in operation, and do have plans to expand to other cities?

With 68 locations and over 480 certified trainers worldwide, yes, our goal is to have over 500 locations by 2015.

4. What services do you offer in terms of training and consulting?

Our Starter Method for Success... All of us, at Mmaxout Fitness, are revamping fitness gyms to a modern, state of the art, business level. Besides our fitness expertise, we supply you with all the next plus more:

* Improved monthly earnings
* Ways to systematize treatments
* Increased customer maintenance
* Redesigned exercise routines
* Maximization of your time
* Overall bottom line achievement
* High Caliber Referral Site Generator
* Much more

We'll collaborate with you and your team to examine approaches to increase your location. We supply a skilled perspective of what health and fitness customers absolutely expect to have from your center.

5. What advice do you have for someone who is considering opening or expanding a fitness franchise?

Advice we would voice is that in order to become the best you need to experience the best. Adding Mmaxout training creates positive changes for business.

Thanks, Bruce!


  1. Great article this one - addicted to the gym!

  2. This is an amazing article, I would love to be a part of a team like this.


  3. Great post. I have been a member at MMAXOUT Fitness for several years and have trained privately with Bruce. I have achieved amazing results largely due to Bruce’s diverse training methods he incorporates into the MMAXOUT workouts. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and commitment to his work and ultimately his clients, provides the perfect scenario for success.

  4. MMAXOUT is the best fitness program and Bruce is the best personal trainer hands down. I have had amazing success and results in his program!! You never get bored with the same old lifting routine at MMAXOUT. Always something new and exciting that works every muscle of your body. LOVE IT!!!