Thursday, October 10, 2013

Meet Adam Green of

Adam Green loves saving money and goes hunting for bargains every week on websites such like As a citizen of Canada, he feels an obligation to save the planet as Canada is the number one resource for water in the world. That's the main reason why he created to help avoid unnecessary paper use.

The content on Macirculaire is available in French and in English.

1. When did you start Macirculaire, and how did you choose the name for the site?

Macirculaire was launched back in November 2011, so we'll soon have occasion to celebrate our second birthday with some new features which will be revealed by end of October. The name is pretty simple as "circulaire" means in French--especially in Quebec, Canada--the flyer every store releases on weekly basis in order to let their customers be aware of the latest discounts and offers. "Ma" is for "My," so the website could be named in English "Myflyer," but as far as our target is speaking more French in Quebec, we preferred to name it ""

2. What will visitors find at Macirculaire?

Visitors typically are looking for discounts and offers from their preferred stores for shopping offline. They can find the addresses of stores in their neighborhood and the store flyers online, while browsing all flyers and stores available on Macirculaire.

3. What are some suggestions you have for people to reduce their use of paper?

Fortunately we have an organization here in Quebec, REQ, which is doing a great job that way by sensitizing the citizens to the big loss of paper and difficulty/cost to recycle it. For instance they offer a sticker that you can pick up at their locations or print online in order to unsubscribe from all this lot of useless circulars printed and other unsolicited advertising. The latest stats show that more than 30% of citizens do browse their flyers only online, but this is not sufficient. We encourage people to use websites online and even keep their preferred flyers on mobile phones or devices while shopping.

4. Do you have plans to expand Macirculaire to reach other areas beyond the Quebec area?

Right now there's lot of work that needs to be done right here in Quebec, as illustrated in an article in a local news highlighting the flyers problem in Montreal. Ideally Macirculaire should address the same problem met in France where also people browse flyers whether they are called catalogs or brochures. To be concrete there's no plan in the near future to expand the offer to other countries. We'll continue rather to adapt our offerings and user experience to Quebec citizens.

5. What response have you received so far about your site from consumers and from businesses?

As you know, with actual website usage tracking we can have all these responses directly on our analytics dashboard. Actually, we have the bounce rate decreasing significantly as people have more confidence in the website. In the mean time, we have noticed more subscribers to our newsletter and more people who create accounts in order to keep track of specific flyers they're interested in. On the other hand, we can also monitor users sentiment over social media, and we're proud to see that it's more than positive.

Thanks, Adam!

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  1. Nice post indeed helpful as we experience big paper loss here in Quebec - Canada. could save time and money plus helps earth ;)