Thursday, October 10, 2013

An Introduction to PaymentBase, An Electronic Currency Exchange

As people do more and more business online, buying and selling a variety of products and services, a range of online currencies have also appeared. Rather than asking, "What's in your e-wallet?" the relevant question might be stated as "Where's your e-wallet?" or better yet, "Where are your e-wallets?".

Many people who are deeply engaged in e-commerce use multiple e-currency systems to manage their funds. And sometimes people need to transfer funds between different accounts. Enter PaymentBase, an online business which, for a small exchange fee, allows users to easily transfer funds.

PaymentBase currently supports the exchange of payments from the following accounts: EgoPay, Perfect Money, OKPay, Payza, Pazum, and C-gold. Anyone with at least two different supported e-currency accounts with a minimum of $10 in one account is eligible to start using PaymentBase, and the service is available to customers worldwide. The exchange itself can take between one and three business days, but the site indicates that the transfer usually happens more quickly.

The site also monitors for suspicious user activity, IP changes, use of multiple accounts, and other questionable practices.

If you use multiple e-currencies and need to transfer funds, check out PaymentBase, and let me know what you think.

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