Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Meet Devin Goodsell, Actor

Devin Goodsell was born in Boulder, Colorado and was raised in southern and central California. In the 4th grade he had an assignment to look into three different careers he wanted to do when he grew up. Taking this assignment very seriously he chose: computer programming, acting, and piloting. Giving in to his introverted personality, he pursued the technology route. After high school he attended college where he graduated with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. Devin went off to have a successful career in the technology industry.

For so many people this would have been where their career life continued, but there was something severely lacking for Devin. No matter what he accomplished, he couldn't achieve a sense of fulfillment. In 2009 the catalyst came, and unfortunately he experienced the passing of his mother. Knowing she always wanted him to live his life not on the premise of financial accomplishments but to gain happiness from passion and relationships, he set out to try and discover what this would mean.

Driving down Laurel Canyon Blvd one afternoon in June of 2009 he saw a sign for an acting class. The same fantasies that danced in his head as a kid back in the 4th grade re­emerged, and he realized it was time to push his timid behavior aside and give it a whirl. He called up and booked himself a class. Scared out of his mind he went to class. Not knowing a single thing about acting other than what he saw in movies, he attempted to do his best, which admittedly, he says, was horrible. However a spark ignited in him that he did not understand, nor could he make sense of, and he knew he was on to something.

As years progressed he came to realize that spark ignited a burning blaze of passion that could not be put out and he would do everything he could to continue feeding it. After three years of challenging himself through classes, improv, auditions, performances, and over 30 film projects he now has the confidence to call himself an actor, but knows this is just the first step in the long and exciting journey he has begun.

Devin appears in the forthcoming short film, Locked.

1. How did you get your start as an actor?

It was a bit on the whim and started from an acting class, but I must admit acting was always a desire that terrified me. Being shy and a perfectionist I have no idea honestly how it began other than for a childhood dream, thirst for something that challenges me to the core of my existence, and an undeniable feeling that once I started it was exactly what I was supposed to do. But my start to being an actual actor I'd have to attribute to a play I was in late last year that provided the opportunity to truly dive in and embrace a character much different than myself.

2. Would you tell us little bit about your character in Locked?

The first time I read the script I couldn't help but think, "man, this guys' an a--hole" and laugh at his predicament. But after really starting to see the world from John's perspective, I realized how real he is. John got married young and started to wonder what life would be like if he hadn't. He played off the fantasy and overtime allowed it to be his addiction while still enjoying the comforts of being married. In a sense he was having the best of both worlds. But the arc of the character in the film allowed me to see he was still human, and the guilt he had from his actions has been wearing on him for longer than he realized. Underneath it all John really does have a heart, and I think that's what's surprising to realize.

3. What did you do to prepare for your role?

Like I do with all characters, I sat down and created a list of similarities and differences with John and me. The two big differences were that he's married, and he has cheated on his wife. I've never cheated on anyone--yes, that's the truth to all you single ladies out there, nor have I been married. So I had to pull a girlfriend from my past who I had a long relationship with and imagine what if I married her. That's when I began to make a lot of discoveries. After getting into his mental background I then worked on the actual aspect of the lock. And well I'm not going to get into details but let's just say I now know what its liked to be locked.

4. What are some of the pleasures and challenges you encountered in your role for this film?

Preparing for a character has to always be at the top of the list. It's such a eye-opening experience to learn life from another perspective than your own. Now the most challenging would have to be the nudity, but what was cool about this particular nude situation is the character and my nervousness were in line so there was no need to add in extra depth.

5. Could you tell us a little bit about some of your goals as an actor, and what projects you hope to be working on over the next few years?

At this point, just trying to get those 10,000 hours in! No, but in all honesty my goals have always been in line with digging to further depths with my craft, but lately I've started to become more keen on the business aspect and realize talent can only get you so far, sadly. So I've began taking on producing roles to understand that aspect of movie making, and let me tell you the experiences and lessons are invaluable. But straight to your question, I've been working on a play titled Brilliant Traces that will be going up soon where I play the lead, Henry. Also I'm working with a director I've previously worked with to do a short film on Google glass that will be filming in November. As for the unknown future and my hopes: TV, of course, and features in hopes I can get a few lines in with the greats.

Thanks, Devin!

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