Friday, October 11, 2013

An Introduction to the Mommy Edition Blog

Just under a year old, Mommy Edition is a blog founded in late 2012 with a dedication to covering a variety of topics relevant to moms. In the words of the site's "about us" page, Mommy Edition offers "mommy advice and insights."

As I looked at the site, I noticed that a lot of the topics focus on health and diet. For example, a popular post on the blog covered the weight loss potential of the paleo diet. Another health-related post address the use of probiotics in feeding your baby.

The blog covers a wider variety of topics, too, including tips for starting a successful Etsy shop, planning a trip to Walt Disney World, and conserving energy in your house.

The blog has a clean, easy to read layout and isn't heavily cluttered with ads. To keep up with recent posts, you can follow Mommy Edition on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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