Friday, October 11, 2013

Christine Mary Flemming on the Release of Her Novel, President Fionn

Last November, I was pleased to share an interview with author Christine Mary Flemming about her experience as an author of historical fiction. Christine contacted me recently to let me know that her novel, President Fionn, has just been released and is available for Amazon Kindle.

Christine is a London-based author with a background in journalism. For more about Christine and her work, check out her website, as well as her Facebook fan page.

You can also read an excerpt from President Fionn by clicking here.

1. How many years has your new book, President Fionn, been in the making?

It's taken me nearly two years, which sounds a long time but I was working as well as writing. There was also a lot of research to do on the book as well and I wanted to get the true voices of Dubliners and that took practice.

2. What has been the response from early readers of the book?

The response has been really encouraging. I've been told it is an easy read that is thought-provoking, and I was told by one reader it was "lyrical" like one long song, which was a very interesting comment!

3. What inspired you to write President Fionn?

I have Irish ancestry and lived in Dublin when I was a child for a period, so it was a theme I wanted to explore.

4. Why did you choose Kindle/e-book format for the release of your book?

I chose Kindle because it was the quickest way of getting it out there, but it is now out in print/book form, too.

5. I read that you're currently at work on a play--have you ever thought about adapting President Fionn as a play or film?

Well, I think President Fionn would make a better film than a play, and I do have experience in this type of writing, so may give it a shot sometime.

Thanks, Christine!

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