Thursday, September 26, 2013

Misee Harris: Dentist, Spokesmodel, Innovator

You may be familiar with Dr. Misee Harris from her campaign to become the first African American Bachelorette on ABC's hit show. But did you know that Dr. Harris is a busy practitioner of both pediatric dentistry and sports dentistry?

When she was chosen to be a contestant on The Bachelor, Dr. Harris declined and chose instead to lobby to become The Bachelorette, gaining the support of many fans.

Professionally, Dr. Harris practices at Children's Dental Associates in Columbia, TN. She has a special interest in helping children and adults who participate in high contact sports to protect their teeth as well as other bones and muscles impacted by TMJ disorders. To this end, she is proud to offer a custom mouthguard that is not only protective but also quite stylish.

Patients can choose their favorite colors, including designs to match their sports uniforms. But most importantly, by choosing a mouth guard, patients are protecting themselves from serious injuries.

During sports activities, athletes are known to grind/clench their teeth together during training and competitions. In addition, high performance sports activities often pose a potential for severe dental trauma. These problems are all preventable by usage of a high performance mouth guard, that which will protect the athlete from trauma as well as TMJ disorders due to clenching and grinding.

For more information, you can call Children's Dental Associates at 931-381-9721, reach Dr. Harris via email, and visit her website at

You can also follow Misee Harris on Twitter and Instagram: @miseeharris.

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