Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Useful Blog for Indie Business Owners from Upscale Your Business

I think one of the big challenges for an entrepreneur is knowing when to seek some outside help to grow your business. For those of us who are solopreneurs or maybe work with a spouse or close friend, we get so used to running our business on our own that we may miss some opportunities to expand our reach and increase our financial success. I'm enjoying the posts on the blog at Upscale Your Business because there's a lot of food for thought on this topic.

Upscale Your Business is run by Jaimie Skultety, an experienced administrator and virtual assistant. Jaimie and her support team work with a variety of independent business owners on a range of tasks with the goal of taking care of those routine "to-do" items that have been bogging you down, so that you have more time to work on other areas of your business. Do you want to find and make contact with more prospects? Do you have a zillion files on your computer that need to be organized into a spreadsheet? Jaimie is ready to help you with these tasks and many more.

Jaimie has done a lot of work with business, life, and career coaches, but her skills apply solidly to any industry. On a personal note, I've been reading a lot about eBay businesses lately, and I know that some people in this field benefit greatly from the help of a virtual assistant. It's all about managing your time and your data effectively, and sometimes an "outside" perspective can give you a real boost.

For me, just reading Jaimie's blog gave me ideas about places where I could benefit from streamlining some of my business practices--her ideas are concrete and specific, and you can apply them yourself, or you can consider hiring a virtual assistant if you want to expand. Learn more about Upscale Your Business by clicking here.

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