Friday, September 27, 2013

A Blog about Online Casinos and Gambling

Last month I posted an interview with the owner of Absolutely Free Sports Bets, an interesting gambling-related website. This interview got quite a few hits, and I've noticed since then that there are quite a few blogs out there on the subject of gambling. As someone who has only played an hour or two on a slot machine in a casino here and there, I learned a lot of new things from Simon's Online Gambling and Casino Blog.

If you're curious about online gambling, Simon's blog is great because he's tested out a wide variety of casinos for you, and he reports back on the findings. His emphasis is more on what works rather than what doesn't, the result being that you get his recommendations for online casinos where your personal information is safe, and where the proprietors make good on their offers of enticing deals and bonuses.

Simon is an online marketer, not a professional gambler, so his blog is a good fit for other gambling hobbyists out there who might want to try different venues for gambling. For example, I didn't know about gambling options on mobile phones/devices before I read Simon's blog. Also, he posts some fun content such as clips from movies set in casinos and recipes for casino cocktails.

Cheers! Or as Simon would say, "Gamble responsibly!"


  1. Thank you for your kind words Mandy!
    I'm happy I've been featured at your blog.

    Btw. I really like your blog ;)