Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Monitors AnyWhere Simplifies Digital Signage

I've been in many stores--plus museums, government buildings, etc--which share information with customers/visitors using TV or computer screens. I never really thought about the set-up required to do this until I read about Monitors AnyWhere and the company's simple solution to a situation that is more cumbersome for a lot of businesses than it needs to be.

Turns out that many businesses who are using digital signage are placing a PC or media player (which is basically a PC) behind each screen that they want to use to broadcast their informational and/or ad content. Another large number of businesses are using solutions that use video extenders over Cat5 cables (network cables), which requires the business owners to run a proprietary network infrastructure just for that cause.

If this seems like a lot of hardware and infrastructure to share information digitally/visually with customers, the people at Monitors AnyWhere thought the same thing! So they have developed a method which allows you to use a single PC and your existing network infrastructure to broadcast up to 20 different content channels by utilizing the VGA over LAN technology.

Well, the easiest way to understand it is to watch this animated video from Monitors AnyWhere...

The best part about the product developed by Monitors AnyWhere is that it's a green solution because it saves businesses the environmental impact as well as the expense of running a bunch of PCs to display digital signage; instead, you can run your content with the resources you're already using. Pretty cool!

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