Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Norwex Products and a Relationship Based Business Model

In my previous post about Suzanne Holt's blog, I focused on Suzanne as a blogger. But her website also offered me an interesting introduction to Norwex products, so this post focuses more directly on that topic.

Suzanne is an Executive Vice President Sales Leader with Norwex, which means that she helps guide a team of Independent Sales Consultants who sell Norwex products. On her website, Suzanne features information about many Norwex products. Two recent posts focused on a makeup removal product and a bathroom cleaning product, for example. In this way, readers learn about products but through the lens of Suzanne's own perspective.

To purchase Norwex products, rather than shopping on the corporate website, you shop on the website of a specific sales consultant. The company has developed a relationship-based method of sales while at the same time allowing customers to shop online, a unique combo which distinguishes it from many companies.

When you click onto the Norwex corporate website, you're greeted with an image of a blue lake, the blue sky, and a lush green field. The company, which originated in Norway in the 1990s, describes their work as follows: "radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning to promote health." They do this through a vast product line of items you can use for taking care of your home, as well as skin care items, shampoos, soaps, etc. They also have a special line of products developed with kids in mind. If you want to learn about those products, you need to return to Suzanne's site (or another site maintained by and Independent Sales Consultant).

Norwex is hiring consultants in the United States as well. Suzanne also provides information about working with Norwex on her blog, and she invites people to contact her personally, saying that, "you will not receive a sales pitch from me."

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