Tuesday, July 23, 2013, A Touch Typing Course for Kids

When I worked in a public library, I used to notice how easily kids navigated any new piece of computer equipment added to our branch. For example, when we received self-checkout machines with touchscreen functions, the kids just tapped away easily at the screen while the adults sometimes puzzled over what to do. But it's one thing to be able to intuit what to do on any interactive screen that comes your way, and it's another thing to be able to type accurately and efficiently. That's where TypeKids comes in with their fun online typing lessons.

TypeKids teaches touch typing by having kids play a game that involves joining a pirate captain on a treasure hunt. The game uses intelligent technology to adapt the exercises to the individual needs of each student; it can detect which letters need more practice and make adjustments to add more practice for those specific letters.

In short, TypeKids offers a fun way to learn typing at home. Who doesn't want to play a treasure hunt game with pirates? Sign up for a free trial to see if your kids like TypeKids, and soon they'll be typing with all ten fingers rather than hunting and pecking!


  1. What can you say about other typing lessons like at:

    1. I think it's awesome that there are options online for people of all ages who want to learn to type. We can't all learn in "Keyboarding" class like I did back in 8th grade. ;)