Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Paylosophy, A Blog about the Payment Industry

There are a lot of different options for payment processing both online and offline. In fact, I've profiled some people on this blog who work in the payment industry, and it's been interesting to learn about options beyond commonly known processors such as PayPal. To learn more about the payment industry, you can check out a blog called Paylosophy, which offers information to people in the payment processing industry, such as payment gateway developers, payment services providers, and (of course!) merchants.

The Paylosophy blog is meant as an educational resource and is a project of the team of United Thinkers, who are the creators of a payment processing gateway called UniPay Gateway. Although the blog is geared toward people in the industry, the bloggers also welcome questions, and they have a glossary page and other useful resources.

The interface of the blog is very clean and easy to use. This is a great place to start for business owners and others who are looking to explore quality alternatives to PayPal and other big names in the payment industry.

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