Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meet Megan, CPA and Entrepreneur

Megan is a 30 year old CPA who has started her journey to start her own business online. Her first website is She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two cats.

1. What inspired you to start a website about making money from online surveys?

It actually started when I tried to do my own research on the topic but came up empty. It was hard to find any objective, hype-free info out there.

2. How much time do you think someone generally needs to invest per week in order to make enough money on online surveys to pay for, say, dinner and a movie?

At least three hours for dinner and a movie for two people. However, as you stick with panels for months and years, you tend to get invited to better-paying surveys. So it also depends on your status with each survey panel.

3. With online surveys, should people generally expect a waiting period before funds clear and/or do survey companies often require that a person complete a certain number of surveys before transferring funds?

Yes. It usually takes 3-5 months to receive your first payment, either due to a waiting period or hitting a points/dollar amount threshold.

4. What do you think about sites like Amazon's Mechanical Turk, which combine surveys with other small-scale online tasks?

I'm honestly not a big fan because the pay tends to be less than surveys (which aren't that great to begin with!).

5. If you could give just three pieces of advice to someone who wants to start taking online surveys, what would your advice be?

#1: Join as many reputable survey sites as you can.
#2: Be patient: it takes time to earn and get paid.
#3: Stay organized: keep your survey info in a Google Doc or Excel spreadsheet.

Thanks, Megan!

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