Thursday, May 29, 2014

Introducing Sara C Roethle, Author of the Xoe Series

Sara C. Roethle was born and raised in Arizona. Still there, in case you were wondering. Besides writing, she's currently working on a degree in English. When she's not "working" either on her books or schoolwork, she likes to practice yoga with extremely poor form, and paint things no one would ever want to hang in their home. Another current obsession is Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn... taking up way too much of her time.

Sara published her first novel, Xoe: or Vampires, and Werewolves, and Demons, oh my!, in 2009. Since then, she's added two more books to the series, Accidental Ashes and Broken Beasts. She's currently working on a book outside of her Xoe series and says that she'll hopefully get it published by the end of summer 2014.

Find Sara's books on Amazon, and learn more about Sara and read reviews of her work on Goodreads.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meet KA Bedford, Personal Injury Solicitor

KA Bedford works as a personal injury solicitor in Manchester, United Kingdom. His website and firm specializes in helping people who have been in an accident and injured, claim compensation to help them with the recovery process.

1. Why did you decide to launch a website on the topic of personal injury law for people in Manchester?

With my legal background, and interest in internet marketing, it made sense to try to capitalize on both of those skills and interests. I could also see a gap in the market online where Manchester personal injury solicitors did not represent themselves particularly well online. I decided to get into the market and offer a unique service for clients in Manchester who are seeking the services of no win no fee and personal injury lawyers in the city. If your readers are interested, they can see the progress on our website ( - Accident Solicitors in Manchester).

2. What is your own background / interest in personal injury law?

I studied law at university and graduated 15 years ago. I kind of fell into personal injury law due to a mentor I had at the time. Being a personal injury solicitor and lawyer has been very rewarding due to the difference you can make to people's lives. That's why I love this line of work, and being based in Manchester means I get to meet so many interesting and varied people.

3. Do you think that a lot of injured people don’t pursue personal injury cases because of a lack of knowledge or other reasons?

I think that certainly used to be the case ten years ago. However, these days with so many personal injury claims, management companies advertising in print and television, I think it would be very hard for a person to be injured and not immediately think of making a compensation claim--that's my experience from working as a personal injury claims specialist for all of these years now.

4. Is online research the best way for someone to start learning about their rights after an accident, or are there other resources you also suggest?

In today's world, most people turn to the internet first for research purposes. This is why it's very important for me to get the KA Bedford Personal Injury Solicitors website up and running and satisfying those kind of researchers. However, I still don't think you can truly beat good old fashioned personal recommendations from friends and family members.

5. What can people find on your website, and how are you planning to continue to build it over the next several months?

OK, so on the website there's a new section currently under development which I hope to launch fully very soon--you can see a rough draft of it in our accident claims section. In addition to that, I'm currently working with legal experts and web developers to draft up content for an online compensation quote calculator. If people want to make a personal injury claim in Manchester, then they will very easily be able to put their details into the system and get a real-time estimate back from us--it's very exciting times!

Thanks, KA!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Meet Dr. Diane A. Thompson, Medical Doctor and Radio Host

Dr. Diane A. Thompson is a physician, author, speaker, and radio host of the popular and syndicated Health Talk with Dr. Diane MD, which is aired on FMG Radio, Blog Talk Radio, and most recently on "Atlanta's Incredible Radio" 1570 AM WIGO. Her goal in having a radio show is to share inspirational health information that could change people's health and inspire them to live a successful life.

Learn more about Dr. Diane by visiting her website as well as her Facebook page.

1. What inspired you to pursue a career in medicine?

As a child, I suffered from Asthma. An asthma attack can give the scary sensation of catching your last breath. During those moments, a visit to the emergency department or pediatrician's office always seemed to make things better. Those early experiences caused me to associate a doctor with making people's lives better, and that was exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

When I first arrived in this country from Jamaica, my mom and I experienced many challenges, including not having a home in which to live. This experience along with many other obstacles made it feel as though medicine was not feasible. I still loved the idea of being a part of a person's health and helping to improve their life, but I wanted to do it without the time and money it would cost to pursue medicine. I decided to become a nurse instead. Although nursing provided great experiences, I found myself still thinking about going on to pursue medicine. After many years as a nurse and accepting that life should not be lived with regrets, I returned to school and studied medicine.

2. Why do you choose to address more than just physical health?

Simply because human beings are complex and health is not simply about being physically healthy. I have often said if a person is physically healthy yet his or her relationships are in dis-array, he or she will be unhappy, stressed, and in my opinion, not truly healthy. When I look at the person in his or her healthiest state, I take a holistic view in order to see how everything impacts on his or her health.

3. How did you first get involved in hosting a radio show, and what do you most enjoy about doing your show?

I became aware that some of my patients who struggled with their health and wellness either didn't have adequate information, had information that was incorrect, or had the correct information but were not motivated to take action. I started a program of community health talks called "Health Talk with Dr. Diane MD," as a way of sharing information with people with the hope that I could help to prevent many of them from becoming patients. This allowed me go out to the communities and reach many more people all at once. Hosting a radio show simply provided another vehicle to share information to a larger audience with goal of improving health and changing lives. The radio show, Health Talk with Dr. Diane MD was born, and is now aired on FMG Radio Network, "Atlanta's Incredible Radio" 1570 AM WIGO, and Blog Talk Radio. The interviews are also available on iTunes and are uploaded to my YouTube channel, DrDianeMD, so people may listen at their leisure. We are also in the process of moving to other markets.

4. Would you give us some examples of things people can learn from listening to your show?

I think the great thing about the show is that it shares health information with an inspirational twist. It is not punitive, and it meets people wherever they are. As a health professional and radio host, I am able to have conversations with health experts and thought leaders in order to get the answers to questions most people want to know. I interview guests who are experts in their fields, and we cover information on many diseases, stress, diet and weight management, fitness, skincare, hair care, relationships, spirituality, money management, and purpose and passion. We also cover the latest health news and research findings that impact your health and life. After listening to the show, you will learn new health information and you will become inspired to take action and improve your life.

5. If you could give people just three pieces of advice to improve their health, what would you say?

First, I would say it starts with a decision. We know that we can preach health until we are blue in the face, but nothing will happen until the person decides. It is important that listeners understand that health is wealth, and making healthy changes is an important investment that is not always easy. I would also recommend for people to take small but consistent steps. If a person has never worked out, deciding to go to the gym every day for two hours daily is a big goal that he or she is unlikely to keep, and this may lead to frustration. When baby steps are taken with consistency, that person stands a better chance of succeeding. Finally, get an accountability partner. If you are not accustomed to eating healthily or exercising, it is easy to fall off the wagon and not get back on. Having an accountability partner provides someone who can help keep you honest and provide encouragement, which will increase you chance of succeeding.

Thanks, Dr. Diane!

Introducing Spa Flow Mobile Massage of Atlanta Georgia

At my day job, there are mobile massage therapists who come to our workplace to offer chair massage, and I've seen chair massage at the airport, too. So I'm familiar with the idea of massage therapists who travel to residential and business locations to provide massage. But what I haven't heard of before is the idea of massage therapists offering spa parties, which is a unique service provided by Spa Flow Mobile Massage and Wellness of Atlanta.

For events like birthday parties, bridal showers, and more, Spa Flow offers services like foot massage, express mani/pedi treatments, table massage, and more. In other words, you can book an event at the venue of your choice and give your guests the special gift of wellness treatments.

In general, Spa Flow has found a great niche for their services because they allow customers in the Atlanta, GA area to have access to professional massage therapists while avoiding traffic, finding a place to park, etc. Plus, if you want a massage to be a stress-relieving activity, it makes sense to have a massage in the restful comfort of your own home. Reservations are generally available within 24 hours, and same-day appointments are sometimes available, too.

Learn more about Spa Flow by visiting their Facebook page and checking out the video below.

Introducing Sandy Springs CPA and Tax Service

Remember when choosing an accountant amounted to browsing the Yellow Pages and hoping for the best? Well, I know I'm dating myself, but I think we sometimes take websites for granted. For example, if you lived in Duluth, Georgia and wanted to find tax services, you could learn a lot about Sandy Springs CPA & Tax Service by checking out their detailed website. Not only does the site include a lot of information about the services they provide, but the site is also a useful resource and starting point if you are looking to learn about some frequent concerns that come up for individuals and small businesses, such as sales tax, payroll, and how to incorporate your business.

As you may or may not know, tax laws often change, and the accountants at Sandy Springs keep on top of the changes to help their clients save money. Homeowners, landlords, and small business owners may all be missing important elements when doing their taxes, so why not consult a professional for advice? If you're like me and tend to be a do-it-yourselfer, you might like the service the Sandy Springs provides for helping you get set up to use Quickbooks.

Nicholas A. Trishin, CPA, is the owner of Sandy Springs Tax & Accounting, and the company has been in the tax business since 2001. For more information, here's a video featuring Mr. Trishin discussing his business.

Introducing Thingsfolio, a Social Product Review Site

A group of entrepreneurs is just launching a new site called Thingsfolio. The tagline of the site is "The Fun and Easy Way to Shop Socially." The idea is that you can visit Thingsfolio to get friend-sourced product advice; it's a social product review site where you can view recommendations and solicit advice when you are shopping for something.

I've spent a lot of time Googling and scrolling through reviews on sites like Amazon. I've also posted on Facebook to ask friends when I want to make a purchase and am not sure where to start (like when I finally decided to replace my 10+ year-old digital camera!). Thingsfolio allows you to connect to their site with Facebook, and you can easily share information with your Facebook friends through the site. It's pretty cool because basically it allows you and your friends to self-select; if you like sharing information about products, you can use Thingsfolio to connect and share with other friends who like to do the same thing. When you're shopping and want to gather info from your friends, you don't have to use your status updates to ask questions because you can browse, ask, and learn through Thingsfolio instead.

Other features of Thingsfolio include being able to view your Facebook friends' favorites or wishlists, which can be great for birthdays, baby showers, and more. The site has a user-friendly interface with a nice-looking visual component which lets you set up "folios" according to your interests (groups of products you like, stuff you want, etc).

We have seen social product reviews become more and more influential (Amazon, Goodreads, Yelp, and the list goes on), so I think Thingsfolio could be poised for a busy future. Learn more by checking out this video from the company.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Meet Dyal Bailey, Author

Dyal Bailey is a writer, screenwriter, and restaurant owner. She took up writing after the birth of her first son and started her publishing career with an article about "What Makes a Great Bartender," inspired by her experience as a restaurant owner. From there, she launched into journalism, novels, humor, and screenwriting.

Based near Augusta, Georgia, Dyal is an avid reader and enjoys all genres, but especially mystery, suspense, and thrillers. Her novel, The Artisan, is available on Amazon. It's the first of several books in her new Artistic Assassin series.

1. How did you first become interested in writing?

I wrote a lot of poems when I was eight or nine and won some sort of prize in school for one of them. I remember that encouraging me. But I've been scribbling in notebooks since I can remember.

I first got into journalism--writing magazine articles--about 20 years ago. The whole time I was toying with fiction on the side.

What they say about it taking 10 thousand hours to become an expert at something is very true with writing, except with me it took 20 thousand hours.

I wrote and threw away a full mystery novel that I called "Murder on the Half Shell" about 15 years ago. It was truly atrocious--and unspeakably therapeutic--lol. But I'm used to failing my way to success, so I kept at it.

2. How do you balance your writing work with your work as a restaurant owner?

The restaurant owner part is easier than being a mom with seven kids. Being a homeschool mom is the really tough job. We have awesome general managers who run the restaurants; my husband is more of a comptroller, and I handle the marketing. We both work out of our home on the lake.

As far as time management, because of my busy life, I usually have only five to seven writing days a month. But when I write, I write crazy fast. Sometimes I use Dragon Dictate, and that speeds me up even more.

When I start the early editing process, not with my editor Judy in New York, but really early when I'm using several proofreaders on, I run it through a minimum of three or four editors at once.

Then I use multiple computer screens and run through all their edits at once. Not only is it time saving, but it helps me to see a consensus. Plus it keeps me from wasting time pushing commas back and forth, because much of editing varies according to perspective.

I'm feeding them pages right now. It's really fun, getting them to guess what comes next.

3. Your book, The Artisan, is described as a thriller, but with comedic elements. What distinguishes your book from other thrillers?

Humor is something I can't seem to help. I'm a naturally smart aleck. But it actually enhances the drama. Like an emotional judo flip.

I wrote a popular humor book under another name called Fish Gutting For Newlyweds.

I'm not sure how to explain my humorous bad guys, Gunter and Antonio. They are a lot of fun for me to write, but hard to control. They kept trying to take over the whole book.

4. What was your process like in writing The Artisan (was it fun and/or challenging and/or...?)?

I loved it!! I really and truly have a blast while I'm writing. And I attack my laptop like a leopard going after a hunk of raw meat. It's not pretty, but I like it.

5. What at writing projects are you currently working on--and what are you currently reading in your free time?

I'm knee deep in the second book of this series. I have five in the Artistic Assassin Series outlined already.

That's another key to writing fast, knowing where you're going in the book. I do all my outlining on my iPhone--then I email it to myself. It works great for me, because when I get a cool idea, I can just pick up my phone and etch in the changes.

I'm finishing up The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt (brilliant), and I was half way though Digital Disruption (awesome) when I decided to re-read Waiting for Your Cat to Bark.

Last week I read a Brad Thor thriller, The Black List (loved it) and I read Lee Child's Without Fail--I love Lee Child; he writes more like an American thriller writer than most American thriller writers.

The other night I was up with a sick kid and read two books by J. Goldberg about online income. I'm using her books as part of a homeschool course I'm teaching my teens this coming fall.

I guess you could say I read kind of crazy fast as well. My Kindle makes it way too easy.

Thanks, Dyal!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Meet Tiffany Christina Lewis, Author

Tiffany Christina Lewis was honored to have her work published for the first time in May 2011. Since then her work has been featured in many books and online publications. From fiction to non-fiction, murder to relationships, Tiffany's range as a writer is wide and deep. Crazy about killing, Tiffany's favorite genre to write is crime fiction. Find her novella, Inside Out, for sale on Amazon, and learn more about Tiffany by visiting her blog.

1. As someone who has written since a young age but couldn't always find time to write because of your work and family life, what inspired you to renew your commitment to writing over the last few years?

A cousin introduced me to a woman who would soon become my mentor and publisher. This was around 2010 or so. I met another amazing woman through her during that time, and I started a blog where I met another amazing woman. To be specific, that was Katrina, Nike, and Elaine. God brought us together, that's all I can say! They blew on a weak flame and helped grow a huge blaze in my confidence and writing ability and renewed my love for writing.

I always say that "you know something is your true calling when you can't run away from it." I never really left writing. I just realized that I should be giving it my full attention and making it my career. At that point, nothing could stop me. My time with those three ladies just affirmed that for me.

2. Congrats on the publication of your novella, Inside Out. What gave you the idea for the book, and how long did it take you to write it?

Honestly, it just came to me. I am an avid fan of crime fiction and crime non-fiction, and the character of Michael Taylor just literally came to me. His whole story and everything that he was developed from a night of watching detective shows before bed. My best work comes as epiphany, and this was no exception. I always tell people, Michael just fell in my lap. And with all that, I finished putting this book on digital paper in 3 months. The editing is another story!

3. What do you like--and what do you find challenging--about writing crime fiction?

I like the violence and the mind games. I wanted to be a psychologist at one time, and I should have continued with my studies in that area, but I found a passion in education. In crime fiction, I can research mental disorders and crime-related logic.

As far as challenging, the issue I have is part of what I like. Research! Google and the library can only tell me so much, and I have to also understand what I read in order to give it to the reader accurately. I'm interested in employing an officer (or detective), and a psychologist to help me with my research in the future.

4. You write in a lot of different genres--do you find that you go back and forth between genres all the time, or do you tend to spend months writing in one genre and then switch gears, or...?

Lately I have not bounced around genres because I have been so focused on Michael Taylor, and the other project I am working on is also crime fiction. I have been writing crime pretty regularly since 2010. I'm just not as close to other genres as I am to crime so I will keep it my focus.

5. What are some projects you're working on now, and what will readers be seeing from you over the next year or so?

I am working on Michael Taylor 2, working title, and another novella based on a short story I had published in a compilation in 2012. All crime of course, but the project based on the compilation is not related to Michael Taylor. I hear every bestselling author has another book coming soon, so I'm living by that.

Over the next year or so I intend to continue publishing Michael Taylor. I also intend to start work on a female detective. I worked on her already, but she needs some work. The novella I'm working on now, unrelated to the Michael Taylor series, may have a sequel, but that depends on how well it does.

Thanks, Tiffany!

Introducing Web3Box, a Customer Relationship Management System

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of those terms that is very familiar to some people and completely unknown to others! If you run any kind of business where you are interacting with customers, you probably already know about CRM. Sometimes called contact management software, CRM refers to software that you use to manage your relationships with customers through your interactions with them. CRM can help you with both current and future customers. The software helps you with a variety of tasks, from getting your contacts organized to ramping up customer service and even automating sales.

Web3Box offers a CRM system which uses cloud-based technology. While CRM tools have evolved over many years, the cloud-based alternatives developed in just the last couple years have become very popular--and they rank the highest in customer satisfaction.

In designing their CRM system, Web3Box describes their approach as focusing on the goal of "foster[ing] long-term customer loyalty." The idea is to simplify your administrative tasks and shorten the time it takes you to turn a lead into a customer. Who can argue with that idea?

They have also designed their system to have a user-friendly interface, and they offer customer support in getting the system set up to meet your company's needs. And the cool thing about the cloud-based system is that you can run it on mobile devices, which is great for companies where you need to be available to customers around the clock and where your employees may be working from their homes and other locations.

For more about Web3Box, check out the info linked here, which also explains how to request a demo.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Introducing Mason Wojciechowski, Part of a Family of Entrepreneurs

Mason Wojciechowski is a self-employed rising star. He's 23 years old and is successfully taking over the operations of his family's business, MSquareTrust. MSquareTrust, by the way, is based in California and has helped build some well-known companies such as DailyOm.

Mason has a variety of business interests and has become involved with multiple investments from real estate to technology. He also received a special acceptance to LMU College of Business because of his accomplishments in business, including providing employment for over 12 people in and out of state.

One of his most impressive projects took place when he moved to Portland, Oregon for a few months to help his uncle with his business, Oaks Bottom Forge. They collaborated to build the first indoor commercial forge. Mason took part in overseeing and providing employment for nine local workers in Portland. Who else can say that at 22 years of age, they built a forge from concept to physical location?

At age 19, Mason started a music management company and worked with Jaime Foxx's independent record label, Foxx City Records. He also worked with Major Williams and members of Wocka Flocka's Brick Squad.

What's he doing now? Mason is working on a technology company called Trust-Them, a widget for crowd-funding sites to increase credibility. I hope that he will stop by our blog sometime soon to do an interview about this project!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Books for Kids about the Animals of Australia

Michelle Ray is an author from Australia who has finished work on the first book in a unique new series of stories to teach children about the animals of Australia. Her newly released book is called A Huntsman Spider In My House, and it is geared toward kids ages 0 to 5.

The book is fantastic and colorful, with the dual purposes of fun visual reading and educating children about Australia. The story promotes understanding of and interest in animals of all sizes. It's the first title in the Little Aussie Critters Childrens Book Series.

Michelle is a former police officer who is excited to launch her new career as a children's book author. She is also an active traveler and consults with businesses about producing effective seminars and conferences.

To learn more about A Huntsman Spider in My House, check out the book's page on Amazon.

A Great Site for Military Flash Patches

I have an abiding love for vintage and vintage-style objects, so I can understand why people admire and collect military uniforms, patches, and other items. The old designs are often very unique and striking. If you like military patches, Paul Harding's Military Flash Patches site is a great resource for you. The goal of the site is to assist people who are interested in preserving wartime history.

Paul is based in the UK and ships his patches all over the world. His site specializes in military items worn by American, British, and German troops in WWII, and he receives a lot of business from re-enactors. As he notes on the site, "Paul Harding's military patches in no way subscribe to any Nazi or right wing views, and the items we sell are purely to customers for re-enactment and military history purposes only."

The site sells a combination of original/vintage and high-quality reproduction items. In addition to patches, you can find uniforms, helmets, hats, boots, and more. Made-to-order items are available if you are looking for a particular uniform or other item for your collection or a historical display or event. Another reason to recommend the site is that Paul is working to help raise funds for the Staffordshire war memorial through his product sales. If you are a militaria collector or a military re-enactor, it's worth checking out Paul's site!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Meet Cleo Tellier, Actor

Cleo Tellier is a French-Canadian actor who recently moved to Toronto to pursue her acting career. She is known for the role of Émilie in the 15 season TV show Virginie and also the role of Flora in the Emmy-nominated show, 30 vies. She can also be seen in Degrassi as Rheanne on TeenNick. In addition to these TV shows, she is known for her numerous national commercials for major campaigns.

Learn more about Cleo Tellier on IMDB, as well as her website,

1. How did you first become interested in acting?

It was always something I wanted to do. Acting has always been a part of me. When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I kept asking my parents to "be on TV." They didn't understand: my mother is a lawyer, and my father works in accounting, so they had no idea where this desire came from. With time, they got really tired of hearing me talking about this! They ended up letting me auditioning for talent agencies. They have been very supportive of my career since then.

2. As a bilingual actor, do you find that you get more work in English or French--or some of each?

When I moved in Toronto two years ago, I figured that my French would be a waste and that I would only get work in English. I was wrong; I never got that many commercial auditions in my life! Most national commercials are made in Toronto, so they are looking for actors who can do both the French and English version. In terms of TV and film, I usually auditioned in English only. If I want to audition or work in French, I need to travel to Montreal because that's where all the French production companies are.

3. Would you tell us a little bit about your experience with appearing on the TV show Virginie? 

I loved working on Virginie. It was always the same crew, so you got to know everyone from episode to episode. We became like a family, and it was hard to leave at the end. The show was on for so long and the fan base was big. It really helped me to start my acting career. That's where I developed all my skills as an actor. I learned so much and met people who I have worked with after, mostly in 30 Vies. It was probably one of the best experiences in my life.

4. What is the biggest challenge about doing work for TV commercials?

That's a tough question. TV commercials are probably the hardest work I do. It's very challenging because everything goes so fast and you're expected to act perfectly every time. They often change the script at the last minute on the day of the shoot, so you need to be able to learn fast and adapt to the situation. Mistakes are not permitted in commercials. Usually, they give you a specific time (15 or 30 seconds) and you need to respect the timing. That means that every shot I do, I need to hit the time perfectly! I can't go one second less or over 30 seconds. It was hard at first, but I got used to it with time.

5. What are some projects you are looking forward to working on in the coming months?

I just finished working on an American feature film called Blood Red Christmas, and I'm really looking forward to the premiere next year. I have a lot of voice over work coming up this summer, and I’m really excited about this! It's something I have been looking to do for so long. I was thrilled when I learned that I was accepted into the voice over training in Montreal for UDA actors! This should keep me busy over the summer.

Thanks, Cleo!

Meet Kate, Founder of Wonder Wander

Wonder Wander is an online custom jewelry and accessory store based in New York City. The shop sells a curated selection of jewelry, scarves, bags, and other fashion accessories.

Our interview below is with Kate, the site's founder. She earned a bachelor's in Statistics and Applied Math, then pursued an MBA degree in Marketing. Her education helps Kate to develop and evaluate business activities in both quantitative and qualitative aspects. After school she started her career in a designer clothing company and then a high-end fashion jewelry company, and these jobs got her involved in fashion's business world. After spending time researching the jewelry industry, Kate decided to build her own jewelry label, featuring stunning trendy custom jewelry with affordable price for everyone.

1. How did Wonder Wander first get started?

Years ago, when I was still in school, I started to shop for custom jewelry items for matching my daily outfits and for special occasions. Years later, after my graduation, many things have changed, but my interest in adorable jewelry was always growing. I started my career in a designer clothing company and then a high-end fashion jewelry company, in New York City. The jobs got me involved in the fashion business world, and in the meantime, I developed a stronger passion in looking for more jewelry pieces with great design and quality.

However, I was frequently astonished by the price points. A small chain necklace may sell for more than $60 to $80, and a large statement necklace with many jewels may be even up to $100 to $200 per piece. But there is no way to wear them all the time. After one to two seasons, they will be locked in my jewelry box forever. The price points were way over my budget. Then I started to think of a solution to solve this, and I believed there must be a large number of females who were encountering the same issue and looking for beautiful, stunning jewelry at an affordable price, so that they were able to constantly update their style. Then, I started to research the custom jewelry industry, and tried to find out the factors that made various costs so high, and the ways to manage that.

And with the non-stop effort, we eventually made it. Our delicate necklaces are only $30 on average, with very nice plating and handcraft. And some of them even have cubic zirconia stone. Cubic zirconia is a kind of man-made jewel which is more expensive and beautiful than crystals. It is durable and has a close visual likeness to diamonds. Also, our statement necklaces are only around $38, and earrings $28.

2. Where do you find the designers to feature on your site?

Thanks to our partner factories' strong support, we do not need to have an in-house designing team for now. As a new startup, there are many challenges. However, our partner factories have more than 50 designers in total, who may be sent to monitor new trends and travel around the world for inspiration. As I constantly research the US market, the team can also develop my findings and make them into various designs. As we grow, we also plan to have our own in-house team in two to three years in NYC, in order to better serve the US market.

3. What are the advantages that an online jewelry shop has over a brick-and-mortar store?

Fashion jewelry is a fast-paced, dynamic world. People's tastes and preferences for different styles are always changing. What is the most convenient and efficient way to get updates? The answer is definitely going on the internet and checking out our site.

Our goal is to make a destination where people may not only get updates, but also find a paradise where they can spend their leisure time for fun. We also offer free shipping on orders over $36. After a few clicks on our site, their jewelry will be sent to them. If they would like to exchange an order and try something else on, no problem--just send them back and we are happy to help and even provide style advice. By joining our loyalty program, customers will also get free secret jewelry gifts from us. There are many easy ways to collect points.

However, we do not want to limit our products only to e-commerce. We also welcome local retailers to carry our adorable jewelry so that more people are able to enjoy the fun that jewelry can bring to us. For information about wholesale, please contact us at

4. Why is jewelry so pricey, and how are you able to offer more affordable pieces?

Jewelry is usually very pricey. There are many factors that cause this to happen, including labor cost, material cost, middle-man agency cost, operating cost, etc. We strive hard to manage our operating and labor costs by seeking advanced ways to improve efficiency. Nowadays, there are still plenty of jewelry companies that are performing in the old fashioned style to conduct business. In order to better meet the need of the market, businesses should always challenge themselves and bring real benefit to their customers. All pieces are directly from our partner factories, no middle-man agencies. In addition, our partner factories are leading jewelry manufacturers in the industry, and they are able to obtain quality material with an incomparable price.

We believe adorable jewelry should be for everyone. It also should be affordable and easy to find. A lower price point does not mean lowering your expectation on quality and design. We strive hard to cut down various cost burdens in order to achieve high quality and trendy jewelry design while offering an affordable price point!

5. In your personal opinion, what makes jewelry so important to fashion?

Clothing and accessories are two major elements and categories in fashion. Due to high gross margin, so many fashion labels are competing in the clothing sector. Yet only a few companies would like to position themselves in the jewelry niche.

Jewelry and clothing are both important to fashion. However, accessories are a little different from clothing, which is necessary for human beings such as food and shelter. Jewelry is an additional complement. It's more entertaining and spiritual, representing each individual's lifestyle and appreciation toward beautiful objects. We hope to make Wonder Wander a style shop for people to collect their favorite pieces. We believe fashion will change people's exterior "look" and interior emotion with their personal lifestyle and attitude.

Thanks, Kate!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Trading Robots and

I learn a lot of different things about business and finance through topics that people suggest for this blog, and here's a new one: trading robots. Turns out that there's an investment management company called AlgoRates which uses complex software to predict market changes.

The trading robots from AlgoRates use algorithmic software to make predictions. Using trends in the marketplace and looking at past data, the system makes projections about future prices. The software can sift through thousands of pieces of data to find useful indicators. The robots have led to successful predictions regarding the value of currency and precious metals. AlgoRates couples technically sophisticated software with experienced brokers who interpret the data.

There are a lot of different investment funds out there. It's interesting indeed to look at the different ways that different firms are collecting and analyzing data with the help of software as well as experienced brokers. I know I have a lot more to learn on this topic!

Meet Jerry Jones, Marketing Expert

Based in the Willamette Valley, Jerry Jones is an expert on professional practice marketing with nearly 20 years of experience. He spends most of his time developing marketing and advertising strategies for his limited number of private clients and ClearPath Society Members. He helps clients with writing, creating, designing, and tracking results for various new patient/client attraction and patient/client retention marketing campaigns.

1. As someone who is not a dentist, how did you first become interested in the business of dentistry?

After completing my undergraduate degree, I spent a couple of years in Washington, DC. I worked as a staffer for a US Senator and decided to return to the west coast, where I contemplated attending graduate school, but in the interim, got sidetracked by working for a dentist on his nationally-circulated newsletters. Since the focus of his newsletters was business in nature, it appealed to me--in particular, the marketing side--which is the driver of all business. A few short years later, I actually bought one of his companies. I quickly grew it and sold it a handful of years later, to a former employee. And, a few short years after that, the call was strong to return and I did. Today, after having re-launching my original business, we now work with hundreds of dentists and financial planners all over the world on helping them grow their practices through smart, reliable, direct response marketing.

2. What are some of the unique marketing challenges faced by dentists?

The average patients (and most dentists) have it in their minds that dentists are selling pain and the high cost of health care. So, it's often perceived as an uphill battle. It's two strikes before they even step up to the plate.

However, dentists are also selling beauty and cosmetic/smile enhancement and health solutions. Most dentists don't view themselves as solution providers to some of the most challenging cosmetic hurdles most of us have. Almost everyone wants an improved smile and most certainly a healthy mouth. To be successful in dentistry as a business, it takes a marketer to get the patients to raise their hand/create interest, an artist and skilled clinician, a salesman's skills to present the solutions, and, a business mind to connect the dots to ensure the process gets repeated. It's not complicated. However, most dentists are too narrowly focused on the technical and artisan approaches, leaving all other aspects of the business to chance. After all, only a small percentage of dentists have business degrees. They went to dental school, not business school. That's where my company comes in to play.

3. What inspired you to write your book, 24 Common Mistakes Doctors Make That Destroy Their Business(es) and Retirement?

As a businessman, I've made every one of them. They were easy to write about, and, my members and clients quickly understand them since so many have also. The book shares my struggles in business and helps build a collaborative bond and potential relationship with those who read it.

4. Would you tell us a little bit about your ClearPath Society and what it offers?

The ClearPath Society® is an association of like-minded, success-oriented individuals aligned to help each other create and maintain a high-profit, low-overhead, low-stress, lifestyle business.

Among numerous privileges, members receive unrestricted access to dentistry's most significant source of constantly evolving, trusted, and proven patient attraction and retention strategies--the lifeblood of business.

Members get access to exclusive turn key new patient attraction and retention solutions.

These include turn key fully-customized patient newsletters, postcards, free standing inserts, newspaper ads, Yellow Pages ads, monthly patient offers, and more.

I continue to create unique patient attraction strategies to include hundreds of new patient ads, office marketing strategies, and patient retention systems for ClearPath members. Members receive a license and royalty-free access to the enormous catalog of ads I have produced for members. The ads and systems are all fully-vetted, at SofTouch Dental™, prior to release for member use.

Members also participate in an annual gathering designed to emulate and improve upon Napoleon Hill's Mastermind concept. And I provide dentists with a decision "lifeline": an always-open resource available exclusively to members to receive feedback on ideas, thoughts, and dental business strategy.

More information is available at

5. Do you see your goal as helping entrepreneurs become involved in dentistry or helping dentists become stronger entrepreneurs--or both?

No question, both. There's a strong need and place for both in dentistry. With having entrepreneurs more involved in this segment of the healthcare industry, it will grow quickly and reach more potential patients. Plus, the advancement of technology breakthroughs will no doubt occur far faster. There's a place for solo practicing dentists in dentistry and always will be. There's also a place for group practice, big box chain organizations, and, even franchise organizations. At Jerry Jones Direct and through my ClearPath Society®, we’re actually bringing to market a hugely successful dental office model that brings forth the best of both worlds. Your readers can learn more at

Thanks, Jerry!

Meir Ezra on Establishing and Selling Successful Companies

Have you heard of Meir Ezra? He taught himself computer programming and went on to start and then sell some successful companies. He got his start as an entrepreneur when he came up with data dictionary editor called Addicted, and he also is known for developing FuelSafe, a fuel and fleet management system. His current project is TimeMaker LLC, a software development company with an emphasis on business communication and task management.

I'd be happy to start and sell just one great idea, but Ezra has the knack for developing ideas and has been able to repeat his performance as a top entrepreneur. If you'd like to learn more about this creative businessperson, check out the interview with Meir Ezra on Exit This Way.

Exit This Way is a podcast series hosted by Kerri Salls, a well-known exit strategist. If you want create and then sell a business, this is a unique series with conversations about how to create a strong business, make it attractive to buyers, and plan ahead so that you'll be able to choose to exit your business at the right time. The show lets listeners benefit from the experience of the guests, who are CEOs and experts in business planning and exit strategy.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Meet Arneva Mason, Chef and Guest on Root Cause Radio

Root Cause Radio is an online radio show that explains how to obtain the best health possible. The show is a success because of the featured guest, Dr. Maxwell Nartey. Dr. Nartey is a respected doctor, scientist, and author who has successfully treated a number of people around the world and now has brought his knowledge to the format of an engaging weekly radio show. Each week the 90 minute show tackles a specific ailment, and Dr. Nartey breaks down what has happened in the human body that has allowed the illness to occur. This show is never boring because at the end, the listeners are invited to play a trivia game and win prizes based on what they've learned. The show is live on Wednesday nights at

Arneva Mason is a professionally trained personal chef and wellness coach who emphasizes healthier eating in her cooking and wellness practice. Believing that good nutrition is the key ingredient to good health, Chef Arneva is one of the hosts for the healthy internet cooking show, Delicious Cooking. She supports and promotes taking control of one's own total wellness through diet and healthy living practices.

Below is a cooking video featuring Chef Arneva making a healthy Sweet Banana Parfait.


1. How did you first become interested in cooking?

Growing up a "latch-key kid" required that I knew how to cook at least enough to get by until my mother got home from work in the evenings. She started by teaching my sister and me how to boil eggs, fry deli meats for sandwiches, bake frozen pot pies (this was before we had a microwave), etc. The older I got, the more sophisticated my palate became, and my appetite for different cuisines developed. With that came the desire to know how to make these new foods. In 2006 I graduated from the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts program at the Cooking & Hospitality Institute of Chicago. It was there, in nutrition class, that I developed an interest in how food affects the body. After that I completed the health coaching program from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and have been delving deeper into healthy cooking ever since.

2. What do you see as the relationship between food and health?

Good nutrition is key to good health! It's just that simple. I truly believe that if people were more conscious about what they put into their bodies, they'd be better able to take control of their own health, improving not just their physical well-being but also their mental, emotional, and financial health as well. It seems that sometimes just making changes to your diet can make such a big difference. Food is medicine, medicine is not food, and with the right foods, we can all achieve a lot more peace of mind. This is huge in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

3. Is it easy for home cooks to make healthy adjustments and substitutions in their recipes?

It really is easy. It's as easy as getting on the internet, doing a search for healthy eating, and finding a show like Delicious Cooking. We're offering a satisfying healthy alternative to foods you cannot eat, or have been advised to avoid. We take actual questions from our viewers and listeners of Root Cause Radio, and answer them with an easy, tasty recipe. It just takes a little effort, but hopefully you know that you're worth it!  For example, to feel more grounded I was advised to add certain root vegetables to my diet. After my research, I discovered a whole new world of foods I had never even heard of before. It takes a little effort, but hopefully you know that you're worth it.

4. Would you tell us a little bit about your collaboration with Root Cause Radio?

I was contacted by one of the producers of the show and learned that the goal of the show was to find a new way to help people help themselves. Because of my background in cooking and nutrition, and love of helping people, I was intrigued and excited to take on the project. I enjoy the recipes because with each one I learn how certain ailments are linked to certain foods. We take those lessons learned on Root Cause Radio and turn them into quick and easy dishes so that viewers can see how simple it is to take control of their own health, and learn something new in the process.

5. What is your best advice for people who want to start cooking--and eating!--healthier foods?

I think that many home cooks may be intimidated by trying to cook with foods and spices that they never have before, and I get that. But there is more than likely an online video to show you how to prepare just about anything you can think of. Reach out to us at Delicious Cooking; we'd love to show you how! Also, talk to the folks who work at your local health food store and ask lots of questions. That's what they're there for, and they love to talk about what they know. Experiment! That's what I say. Try new things. You will be surprised and delighted by what you discover.

Thanks, Arneva!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Guest Post from Natasha Bonham, Visual Artist

I have been inviting artists to share their first-person perspectives on this blog. Natasha Bonham contacted me via the With Five Questions Facebook page and offered the following reflections on her creative process. Check out her online portfolio here, and find her on Facebook here. A couple of examples of her work appear below--as you can see, I especially admire her collages!


I create art because it's fun. Every piece is different, a product of a mood or inspiration. Sometimes I have an idea in my head and I begin a project with a quick sketch. Other times I flip through a stack of old magazine or art books until inspiration hits me.

I love all media and often use more than one in my work. I love collage and the effects of combining different images to illustrate many concepts at once. Each work represents a solution to a problem. They are puzzles that needed to be assembled.

Though each piece is personal, to me it's just as important that I leave their meanings up to the observer.

Meet Alan Hutchinson, Website Programmer for Real Estate Agents

Based in Bournemouth in the UK, Alan Hutchinson is a website programmer who builds website applications to help real estate agents sell or rent their properties online.

1. How did you first become interested in programming?

I actually taught myself whilst a teenager. The initial interest though was sparked off by a teacher at my school who encouraged me to try and to create my own computer game. After that I progressed into building and programming websites, and now today I am very much focused on developing web applications for letting agents in my home town of Bournemouth.

2. What do you like most about working on websites?

For me it's the results. The Bournemouth letting agents and real estate agents that I work with have all seen great results in terms of web traffic and revenue due to the online systems that I have developed for them--and now that business is starting to go nationwide which is amazing for me.

3. What sort of services do you provide to help real estate professionals with their websites?

I can build a letting agent's website from scratch, but the most valuable part is the property management aspect to it. It allows them to post properties to rent or sell online, where prospective tenants and customers can view and apply for a physical appointment to see the property. In the town I live in, Bournemouth, the real estate and letting agents market is really competitive, so I can give my clients a boost over the competition which is awesome.

4. How did you come to specialize in programming for websites focusing on selling or renting properties?

I have an aunt who knew I could program--and she was running a letting agents in Bournemouth. She was on a budget and needed to get her properties online, so I worked with her on the development, and it worked so well that I started re-badging the application and selling it on to other real estate and letting agents companies in the Bournemouth area.

5. If you could give advice to real estate agents regarding building a strong online presence, what would you say?

For me it's about the search engine rankings first and foremost because people need to find you! After that, you need your website to stand out from the crowd and let visitors view properties in an easy to understand way which presents the properties very well visually. Nowadays social media is becoming more important, too.

Thanks, Alan!

Healthy Green Salads: The New Trend in Global Cuisine

The following is a guest post provided by our friends at

More green foods are being added to the regular diets of an increasing number of people as they have become more health conscious. In this fast paced life, health and food is something that really needs our care, and there should be no compromise at any cost. For instance, artichoke, avocado, purslane seeds, kale, spinach, broccoli and Brussels sprouts are some of the green foods that are being eaten by more people. Worldwide, several cuisines are now including these foods to create a healthy diet for all people.

The Italian spinach and mushroom salad is one such green salad which uses spinach as a green food. This mainly consists of fresh spinach leaves, sliced mushrooms, chickpeas, bacon, and some seasoned croutons and salad dressings. All you need to do is toss all the ingredients, saving the dressings to the end. This has a really low cholesterol content of only 3% and has the other required vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates in the required levels.

The French green salad with white wine vinaigrette is easy to make and has zero cholesterol. The green foods consist of baby spinach leaves, avocado, and green beans. The beans are boiled and whisked with olive oil. The dry ingredients are mixed and then served.

The German spinach salad with hot bacon is low in calories, and the spinach is the green food. In this recipe, the bacon is cooked and shallots are added to it. It is whisked with vinegar, mustard, salt, and pepper. It is poured when hot over the spinach and crumbled bacon is sprinkled on it.

The spicy Thai salad with avocado is surely a treat. It's easy to make, and the avocado, baby greens, and lemongrass constitute the green foods. The steak is cooked and the spices are prepared by grinding the spices in a mortar and pestle. To the cooked meat the lemongrass, onions, and tomatoes are added. Sauce is added and the ingredients are tossed. The avocados are sliced and added in the end.

The authentic Indian food bean, broccoli, and carrot salad has the required level of nutrients and as the name indicates, beans and broccoli are the green foods. The beans are boiled and the broccoli is cooked along with it. The mustard seed and chili flakes are roasted, and to this the cooked beans and broccoli are added. This can be served with bread.

The Chinese five spice duck salad uses coriander leaves and gem lettuce as green foods. The duck is seasoned in the five spice powder and fried just a little. The seeds are added to it and onions, coriander, watercress, and mango are mixed together. It is dressed with lime juice and seasoned with some sesame oil.

The Mediterranean spinach salad with garbanzos, radishes, tomatoes, and lemon has the lowest cholesterol levels and spinach is considered to be the green food. The garbanzos are cleaned and the dressing ingredients are mixed well. The tomatoes, radishes, and onions are sliced and the ingredients are mixed together.

The American avocado butter lettuce salad has avocado and lettuce as the green food. Having no cholesterol, the salad is prepared by adding onion, olive oil, lime juice, and table salt and mixing them well. Add the avocado and the lettuce in the end.

The Mexican green bean salad is prepared by mixing the green beans and avocado that constitutes the green food. Onions, lime juice, and cilantro are added and mixed well.