Sunday, November 13, 2016

Meet Vito Jamieson, Voice Over Artist and More

Vito Jamieson is a voice over artist, internet marketer, and copywriter who has worked on campaigns for Google, Seagrams, and many other businesses around the world.

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1. What drew you to the field of voice over work?

When I was about 13, my voice dropped overnight. Suddenly girls were paying attention and I liked it. Whenever there was a school project that required a voice, then I was "voluntold" to put my voice on the projects.

Over time the same thing started happening at work. At one point, my boss wanted me to put my voice on an animated project but wanted me to keep up with my regular work. I let her know that I couldn't do both and named a price to do it on my own time, and my first paid gig was in the pocket.

2. Do you find that a lot of your voice over clients also benefit from your copywriting services?

Copywriting is a natural extension of my voice work. So many times, people sent me work with errors, so I began to charge them to correct the work. People also started asking me my opinion, and at times the material was so bad I would tell people I could not put my voice to bad material in order to maintain my reputation.

My voice is a tool for sales and moving people to action. Copywriting does the same thing and it can be just as fun.

3. What types of projects do you find yourself doing most often--and what are some of your favorite things to work on?

It's really a mixed bag. I find myself doing a lot of narration, radio commercials, and station identification. I would say the most common are when people want a deep voice and a tone like Dennis Haysbert or Morgan Freeman. Quite often I get people who want me to imitate James Earl Jones' "This is CNN." That's always fun.

I think my favorite thing is when parents ask me to call their kids as Santa Claus. Kids get a kick out of it, and parents are thrilled when their kids behave themselves!

4. Why do small businesses need to hire voice over professionals instead of just doing their own narration for videos for social media (etc)?

When people do things in a less than professional way, it is a disservice to their business. Yes, people may be passionate about their business, but a lot of times they are going to come across as too cheap to use a professional or worse, cheesy.

If you own a store front shop, would you create a hand painted sign for your business and expect people to take you seriously? I hope not. A hand painted sign for a lemonade stand is cute but not elsewhere. Using a professional voice is like using a professional sign that says, take a look at me, and look at me for the right reasons.

5. What else would you like readers to know about you and your work?

Well, I'd be remiss if I did not say go to and listen to samples of my voice and to connect with me. I love doing creative projects and would be happy to discuss whatever your project ideas may be.

Thanks, Vito!

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