Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Meet Nishanth Muraleedharan, Entrepreneur

Nishanth Muraleedharan aka Nishani is an entrepreneur with the mission of helping people work from home, make money online, and have financial freedom. You can learn more about him at His latest project,, is a a social networking site for entrepreneurs which also pays them every month, and it will be launching later this year.

1. How did you become interested in focusing your efforts on helping people work from home?

I've been working online from 2007 onward, and I find that most of the programs available online are all a scam, and if there is a good program, then we can make only few cents out of it. If you want to make good money online, then we should promote some MLM products, and we need to create a huge down-line. This is only possible for very few who have a very big email list and a marketing background. But for normal people who are looking for work from home options, these are not viable options. Hence, I was thinking of helping people who can get maximum help on minimal effort. Keeping this in mind, I've come up with my new Business Social Networking site,

2. What resources will be available on your soon-to-launch site, ReferEntrepreneurs?

I don't want to ruin the suspense by listing all the features here, but I can tell you that there will be options for earning good money every month on autopilot. We have options to make money for premium members as well as basic members who can join the site for free. Also, we are working hard on adding the features to offer entrepreneurs a place to grow their business and at the same time earn money while socializing and sharing ideas with other likeminded entrepreneurs! It will bring a lot of exciting features. Stay tuned! It will be worth waiting for!

3. Have you always been interested in entrepreneurship--what first caught your interest about it?

In my school days, I stayed with my grandparents as my father was working in a bank and used to get transferred all over India as part of the job. I was totally drawn towards business from my childhood days. My grandfather was into the textile business, and I used to see him doing business from my childhood days, which also attracted me toward business. Throughout my childhood, I was surrounded by entrepreneurs. All of my uncles on my mom's side had multiple businesses, which led them all to be successful.

Growing up, I was always thinking about what I could do to change my lifestyle. For years, I couldn't come up with anything. Now I've chosen online business as my career as this is the only business which doesn't have any restrictions of place or locality to do business. You can do your business on your laptop from anywhere in the world. You can truly live your laptop lifestyle.

4. Why is creativity so important for people who want to work for themselves?

Only those who are creative and innovative can become filthy rich for their whole life and pass on their fortune to coming generations!

If you are not creative and innovative, you will always have to depend on someone else's programs to make money, or you have to work for someone else for your whole life!

If you are making money from someone else's program, then it is the same as working for someone else and making the program owner's rich. It is true in the case of working for any MLM business or any revenue share programs or any business where you are just a member and not the owner!

So I would suggest if you are creative, and if you have an idea which can change this world, then implement it, so you can create millionaires, too, with you making billions.

5. For someone who has always wanted to work from home but doesn't think that he/she can afford to do this, what is your advice?

My advice for newbies those who want to make money online is to study well which program is giving more returns for the time you spend on it. Also, then get in touch with the top earners in that program and copy them, follow them, and get mentored by them. You will be successful.

Also my advice to all budding entrepreneurs is...

Always have the desire to do something innovative. Think how technology can impact people's life. Take real world examples of Alibaba, Flipkart, Uber, etc. How a simple idea brings about a change in our living. And simply put, "At least go out and give it a try with your own ideas maybe for a couple of years. There is no harm, and rather there's a lot in return. So TRY STARTING UP NOW!!"

"If you are not playing with all in, you are really not playing."

"Everyone is special. Try to find what makes you special. If you know, then keep nurturing it, or else keep trying to find it."

Also, if you are now doing a day job, don't quit the job to start the business until you reach a point where you can make a living off of what you are doing and what you love to do. Until then you need a job. So quit only once you are at that point where your business can support your daily life and all the unexpected expenses!

Thanks, Nishani!

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