Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Introducing Eco Friendly Wall Art by Barb

Not long ago, I posted about the coffee-themed art and gifts created by Barbara Miller, an artist who has an Etsy shop called Barbara's Design Solutions. I wanted to do a followup post to share more information about her original line of eco friendly metal wall art.

Barb's work emphasizes the triptych format, which allows you to get a large piece that is made up of three sections. It is a really cool looking way to display art and goes nicely in offices, waiting rooms, and homes, too. Basically if you want something like a mural or panel for a large wall, these pieces are great. You can purchase smaller format pieces as well. Barb is happy to work with clients and create made to order sizes and designs.

Her subject matter often focuses on nature and landscape, but she does abstract and still life pieces, too. When I asked her about her work, she said, "My interest in triptych art began a few years back. My artworks are inspired by nature's vast array of colors, textures, shapes, and forms."

Her eco friendly wall art is made from aluminum. She also offers pieces that are adhesive polyester fabric art that will stick to most any surface and can be easily removed without leaving sticky residue behind. Check out the art/home/office section of Barb's Etsy shop for more details.

One other way that Barb shares her art is through the form of fashion by creating wearable art, so if you're interested in unique t-shirts and other items, visit the fashion and accessories section of her Etsy shop.

I asked her about the different formats she creates in, and she said that she enjoys "experimenting with many media and styles--metal, glass, wood, and ceramics--and [her] love for fashion."

Barb works out of her studio/home in California. She said, "My art is an ongoing creative process." I think that by following her Etsy shop, we can all enjoy watching her work continue to evolve and expand into new formats and creative subject areas.

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