Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Meet Sabih Javed of Content Ray

Content Ray is a content writing agency that delivers ready-to-use content ranging from blog posts to press releases to sales letters and more. It offers high quality content at unmatched prices. Sabih Javed is a co-founder and marketing manager with the company.

1. How did Content Ray first get started?

We (me and Giuseppe Lo Giudice) started Content Ray in November 2015 and finally decided to register it as a business entity in January 2016.

It all started when I was working with Giuseppe on one of his blogs. Due to overwork, we decided to outsource blog post writing and publishing. As we were looking for blog writing services that would help us with getting some blog posts done, we found that most of the content writing services weren't cheap. The ones that were affordable returned content that was not acceptable.

Another major issue that we faced was lack of ordering content instantly, as most of the companies didn't have any online store (or shop).

It was then when we decided to launch our own blog and content writing company that would be cost-effective and allow customers to purchase content instantly from an online shop.

2. What types of content writing services do you offer?

We currently offer six different types of writing services at this moment:

1. Blog writing services
2. Optimized articles
3. Ebook writing service
4. Copywriting
5. Press release writing service
6. Website content

We plan to introduce a few other writing services in the future which include a guest posting service, weekly blog post package, and press release distribution.

3. Would you tell us more about your eBook writing services? Do you write both fiction and nonfiction?

We write both fiction and nonfiction eBooks.

As soon as we receive an order for eBook writing, we assign it to the most suitable writer. We hire a writer or choose one from one of the permanent writers we have on our team. We have five permanent writers on our team, so if a writer from our team has the right experience and skills to take the project, we assign it to him/her. Otherwise we hire a specialist writer and get the eBook written.

4. How do you balance keeping your prices affordable while also supplying good quality writing?

We have kept administrative cost to a minimum because we haven;t overstaffed. We have just seven permanent team members, and this helps us reduce costs significantly.

We have 50 freelance writers associated with our company who are ready to serve our content writing needs. We contact them on an as-needed basis, so you see we are not paying them any salary. This is one major variable that has kept our cost significantly low as compared to our competitors.

We have four different writing plans: Basic, Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus. The quality and thus the price of the written content varies. For instance, junior writers having experience of less than one year write content for Basic plan orders. This bifurcation lets us control the cost.

5. Is there anything else you'd like readers of this blog to know about Content Ray?

Content Ray is not one of those traditional content writing agencies that will deliver poorly written content; instead, it is a registered business that delivers top-notch content to its customers. We offer unlimited free revisions to make sure you get what you actually like. Content Ray is your business's best friend.

We also offer a selection of free content writing tips! Thanks, Sabih!

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