Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Press Release Distribution Services Online

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Press Release Distribution Services Online - Choosing The Most Effective Service

There are hundreds of press release distribution services online, but how many are effective, and more importantly, which should you choose? There are several important points to consider when submitting your press releases to a PR distribution service.

A press release distribution website normally starts by submitting news to their own website. Depending on the quality of the service, this will give varying results to your submission. If the service only publishes the news to their own website, it's likely the results won't be too great.

A good press release distribution service will offer many add-ons. Unfortunately, this usually comes at some sort of cost, but the good news is that with a little investment, you can gain helpful results.

A great starting point for anyone submitting a press release is to make sure the service submits to Google News. If so, make sure your press release is written well, is newsworthy, and includes important facts. The reason for this is that all press release distribution websites will reject your story if it doesn't meet good news criteria.

Another important thing to consider when choosing a press release distribution service is to make sure they aren't too costly. There can be a massive difference in prices for literally the same thing. You are normally safe with the big distribution services like PRNewswire and PRWeb; however, they come with a big price tag, too.

An all-around service which meets all the points stated above is They offer everything from free distribution to more expensive packages that submit to 500+ other major news outlets. They also make sure your news gets into Google News, and they offer nice PDF reports. In a comparison between and, it was noted that similar distribution was seen between the two services, but was far more affordable.

Press release distribution services are often a major part of many businesses' marketing strategies. Some have even paid hundreds of dollars for Google News inclusion alone, which reflects the importance once again. As there are many using PR distribution services, there's even more who simply do not know they exist, so there are a great deal of people missing out on an important marketing strategy.

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