Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Meet Paul Scherer, CEO at Devirex Ltd, Maker of Lipivir®

Paul Scherer is the CEO of Devirex Ltd, a company in Switzerland which has recently released a product called Lipivir, which helps treat and prevent cold sores.

1. How long has Lipivir® been on the market?

A sampling campaign took place in December of 2014. But the real launch in UK started in May of 2015.

2. What distinguishes it from other cold sore medications?

Lipivir® is the only product which can prevent cold sores from occurring. People who suffer regularly (every month or so) use it twice daily (i.e. after brushing the teeth for being safe not to forget). Others will use it a few days before a special event (birthday, wedding, going out with friends) to be safe. And some people will use it when they feel the first signs (tingling).

We'd better not call it a medication because the transparent gel preserves the beauty of your lips. There are no side effects known (except if someone uses much to big amounts for each application; in this case it can dry out the skin). And the usual daily skin care routine can be continued after applying Lipivir®. Also lipstick is fine after Lipivir®'s application. We'd better call it a beauty product. It's an extension of your daily cosmetics (for cold sore sufferers)!

3. Is Lipivir® available over the counter to consumers worldwide, or in selected countries?

Lipivir® is available online ( and is delivered to your home 3 to 4 days after you order. It is delivered to the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria so far. Further EU countries will follow soon.

4. Why are cold sores so common?

Cold sores is the symptom of a viral infection (herpes virus). 85% of the population carry the herpes virus. But most of the people who carry it even don't know it. 33% of the population suffer from cold sores every year. 10% of the population suffer from cold sores several times every year (up to twice every month). 50% of the population who carry the virus don't know it.

5. Is there anything people can do to prevent cold sores from occurring?

As mentioned above Lipivir® is the only product preventing cold sores that is generally applicable. If someone is exposed to heavy sunlight (UV light, also sun studio) I would combine Lipivir® with a sun-protecting lipstick.

Thanks, Paul!

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