Friday, October 30, 2015

Meet Cansu Olce, Mathematician and Tutor

Cansu Olce is a mathematician who has been tutoring for seven years. She is preparing a mathematics competition for high school students in Brisbane, Australia in April of 2016. The profit will be donated to Australian cancer research foundation. Learn more by visiting her website at

1. How did you first come to feel a strong interest in mathematics?

I was always attracted to the challenge of thinking and the process of logic since primary school. I enjoy mathematics a lot. It can be used to define the symmetry in nature or manage global companies. I feel that the elegance and logic of the subject is the reason for my desire to study it at a more advanced level.

2. What techniques would you use to be sure that a student understands?

Every parent wants to learn the answer of this question. I ask students if they understand. If so, I give them a practice question and give them some time to attempt it. If they can do it, I move on to slightly more advanced questions. If they cannot solve the question, I do it together with them, and explain again along the way.

3. Would you tell us more about the mathematics competition you're organizing for April of 2016?

The mathematics competition will be for high school students in Brisbane. There are two categories, junior and senior. There are 25 multiple choice questions in the booklets. The top three students in each category will be awarded with cups. A participation certificate will be given to every student in the competition. This is an opportunity for students to discover their talents in maths and also to help cancer patients. All the profit will be donated to Cancer Council Australia.

4. How did you decide on the charity to receive the profits from the competition?

My dad is fighting colon cancer. I know how hard to deal with this illness. Every donation makes a vital difference to researchers' ability to speed up discoveries in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and cure.

5. What is your best advice for students of all ages who are struggling with math?

We are only human, and we can make mistakes. Don't be ashamed! When you are feeling unsure about a problem, ask questions. In mathematics you need a lot of practice. Practice makes perfect. You can't improve your maths skills without practicing. Take advantage of the resources around you. Stay positive. You can't get high marks with a negative attitude.

Thanks, Cansu!

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