Friday, October 30, 2015

Introducing Aquarium Plants from AquaEssentials

Have you ever thought about what makes a tropical aquarium look especially beautiful? It's not just the fish; it's also the aquarium plants. Better yet, not only do plants make your freshwater aquarium look good, but they also help create a more natural environment where your fish are more likely to thrive.

I was impressed when I took a look at the variety of aquarium plants sold by AquaEssentials. The plants look so fresh and healthy that just browsing the website is a bit like looking into an aquarium itself. Conveniently, the site also uses a key to indicate how easy or difficult the plants are to maintain in your aquarium, so if you're a beginner like me, you'll know just where to start--and then what other plants you can try as you become more practiced at growing plants underwater.

There are quite a few types of plants. For example, carpet plants will spread across the base of your tank and cover the gravel at the bottom. Mother plants are large, slower growing plants that can make a big and showy display in your tank. Other types include foreground, midground, and backround plants as well as bulbs, bunches, and plants cultivated on wood or rocks.

You can also buy mixed boxes of plants which give you a nice selection of plants that should look good for the particular size of tank you have; there are boxes made up with specific tank sizes in mind.

Each page on the AquaEsssentials site includes useful information to help you select the plants that are best for you. The company also sells lots of other aquarium supplies for filtering your water, feeding your fish, and more.

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