Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Introducing Blog to Rehab

Blog to Rehab is the blog section of a website called Detox to Rehab. This website is meant to be a resource for people seeking information on addiction and recovery. There is information on things like interventions, treatment options, and more.

The blog shares a lot of stories of individual people and their recoveries. There are short videos you can watch to get a first-hand perspective on people's stories and how they found their way out of addiction. These stories are compelling and inspiring. For me, these first-person voices are the best part of the blog.

The blog also contains other useful information regarding addiction and recovery such as advice for families who have a loved one facing an addiction, and links to relevant news articles about new studies and details about drug use and recovery. Another thing the blog does really well is to give a unique perspective on widely covered stories from the mass media that relate to drug and alcohol abuse--for example, there are posts about Steve Sarkisian and Lamar Odom, but these stories give more context about the struggle with addiction.

Really, the bloggers do a great job of giving readers some insight into the wide variety of people who deal with addiction, and the blog provides resources along the way to help us learn more about ourselves and our loved ones, too.

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