Saturday, August 29, 2015

Meet Victoria, Creator of Money Munchkids

Money Munchkids' goal is to teach children grades K-3rd about basic financial terms and principles in order to provide a sound foundation for their lives as adults and the financial responsibilities that await them. Money Munchkids does this through their completely original after-school course, activity books, and other retail material. Learn more about their activity books and other financial literacy products by clicking here.

1. What made you realize that kids today could really use some help in developing money management skills?

Being an older sister and having experience in child care, I have a passion for kids. During a shopping trip with a family, I was doing some child care for one of the children, who was pretending to buy the whole store with their fake credit card. I watched as the child used the credit card reader exactly as an adult would. It was frightening. I think that's the moment that I finally decided to put my idea into action.

2. Growing up, did your parents influence your own ideas about money?

Definitely, my dad is an entrepreneur, and my mom is an accountant. They both taught me to use money as a tool to succeed and accomplish my goals.

3. What are some of the key lessons that kids will learn with your activity book?

Kids can learn about counting change, ways to make money, and managing a bank book, with puzzles about important terms and more. Make It, Count It, Keep It is the beginners' activity book. It brushes over a lot of the topic we cover in our class. It's important to note that the activity books are and will continue to be separate from the courses, so kids don't need to be in the class to use the activity books.

4. Where (in what geographical area) do you offer your after school courses, and what do students learn in those courses?

Thus far we've only got courses based only in Los Angeles. We'll be approaching schools in the Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, and Venice areas over the next few weeks about starting courses. If anyone, in those or other areas, would like us to bring our course to a school they can Request A Course.

5. If you could suggest just three financial lessons/ideas for parents to share with their kids, what would you say>

There are so many great tips to share but a few would be:

  • Start your kids' financial education early because they learn young and fast!
  • Teach them that things cost money and how the cost of some things compare to the cost of others.
  • Encourage them to keep track of their own money.

We also have resources for adults on helping to teach their kids about money.

Thanks, Victoria!

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