Friday, August 28, 2015

Meet Mayer Dahan of Prime Five Homes and Dahan Properties

Young entrepreneur Mayer Dahan is CEO of Prime Five Homes and Dahan Properties, full service real estate development companies that specialize in building modern, sustainable homes in Los Angeles. He is also the founder of The Dream Builders Project, an action based charity. The DBP hosts charitable events to fund and raise awareness for several of Los Angeles' key social issues, including child abuse and neglect, education, homelessness, and severe illness and disease.

1. How did you first become interested in sustainable building practices?

I first became interested in sustainable building practices and building eco-friendly, modern homes when I started thinking about wanting a home of my own. When you are buying a home, you want quality materials, sturdy infrastructure, and reliable and sustainable design. I realized how much LA is lacking this type of housing and decided to make it my mission to provide and educate people about the importance of building this way. At Prime Five Homes, we pride ourselves on utilizing only sustainable construction, solar energy, eco-friendly materials, and smart home technology. As the green building code becomes stricter and more apparent in the residential market, we strive to exceed these standards and make our houses even better and more beautiful.

2. In what ways do you find that being an L.A. native influences your work?

I was born and raised in LA, so this city is my home. Making LA the best that it can be is my passion, and my worldwide travels have taught me that we do live in a great city, but there are things we can improve on, such as housing and sustainability. Seeing and exploring various architectural innovations and design styles around the world is what inspires me to continue building modern homes and educating Angelinos on the future of building and housing.

3. When it comes to the homes you've built through Prime Five Homes, do you have any favorites overall?

432 S. Citrus is most definitely my favorite so far. Not only is the look of home modern, beautiful, and distinct, but the design and architecture is what I am incredibly proud of. The open floor plan completely blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor environments, establishing a style of living that some can only dream of.

Although it was one of our more challenging builds because we wanted to create an aesthetic that would stand out from the competition while still maintaining a modern and eco-friendly design, the final product was well worth the challenge. The big, luxurious windows allow so much natural light to filter into the home's interior and the refurbished wood that adorns the ceiling of the upstairs balcony, as well as the kitchen cabinetry is are why I love 432 S. Citrus so much.

A current project that we are working on right now on, N. Curson Ave, will be incomparable to anything I've ever done before. Stay tuned! It will be well worth it!

4. What inspired you to start The Dream Builders Project?

After the death of a close friend from unfortunate circumstances in 2013, I realized how important it is to offer a helping hand to those in need. I didn't just want to help on a small scale. In her name, I wanted to make a real impact on our community, and for this reason, I founded The DBP. Replicating Prime Five Homes' philosophy of making LA a better place, the goal of The DBP is to give back to the community with a focus on homelessness, child abuse and neglect, education, and human trafficking. In its history, The DBP has hosted over 12 Charity Flash Mobs, two Charity Galas, and one orphanage remodeling, and supplied more than 600 school children with school supplies.

5. For people who are reading this and nurturing their own entrepreneurial dream, what's your advice for getting started--or taking their dream to the next level?

You don't need to know everything in order to get started: you just need a good idea, passion, and a whole lot of drive! And don't be afraid to take risks. Just believe in yourself and dream big!

Thanks, Mayer!

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