Friday, July 10, 2015

Software Developers Vs Software Consultants

The following is a guest post provided by Noat.

What is a Software Developer?

A software developer is essentially a software programmer that will work full-time for a company to design software systems for that company. They will design software based upon the needs of the company. The company decides what they need and then the developer will work to create the software for the company. A developer may work on various projects and have a team that helps them create the software. The developer may also work with a software consultant who helps the developer understand what is required for the business and then they decide on the best system for the company.

Jobs They Do

  • A developer will program software for the needs of the company
  • They may develop software prototypes to test how the software responds to users' needs
  • Help users test the new software to get feedback before the system is implemented
  • They install, configure, customize, and integrate the software into the computer systems of the company, but often work with others as they perform these jobs
  • Work to maintain and fix software which has bugs or other problems once implemented
  • Works on software upgrades to improve performance or to meet new needs of the business
  • Provide documentation for employees so they know how to operate the new software system.

A software developer will work on a wide variety of software related jobs for the business depending upon what is needed for the company. Their job is always changing as the company grows. A good software developer has the ability to adapt and be flexible to changes in the business and be able to meet new demands placed upon them.

Software Consultant

The software consultant isn't a member of the business. They are a professional that is called in to help the company determine the types of software that the company needs. They may work with the software developer to help design the new software after an analysis of the business needs is completed. The consultant will work with a team to help the business design software that works for them.

Jobs They Do

  • A software consultant helps a business determine their software needs
  • They work with a project team in many cases to create the new software for the business
  • They may make recommendations on software packages that are already developed that may benefit the business

A consultant may be part of a software consulting firm or they may work as a self-employed individual. A consultant usually has a lot of experience with software and computers already before they become a consultant. For example, the consultant may already be a computer programmer or another IT professional.


A software developer is a professional that designs and implements software for a business. They have extensive programming experience and will work to design software that a company needs. A software consultant helps a business decide what types of software that a company needs. They may work with a software developer or other professional to determine the best system for the business and then the software developer will work to implement that system for the business.

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