Friday, July 10, 2015

Meet Kimberly Fisher, Writer and Entrepreneur

Kimberly Fisher is former model and actress. She is the founder of and, and she is a busy lifestyle writer, media personality, and internet entrepreneur.

1. How did you first become interested in blogging?

I have always had a love for reading and writing, and I was offered a column when I was modeling entitled "Ask the Model." From there I read everything I could on freelance writing, and just starting pitching different publications. In 2008 I started Jetsetera as a way for friends and family to keep track of me while I was traveling the world, and it eventually turned into what it is today: a curated luxury travel blog with a focus on lifestyle.

2. What are some of your favorite topics to write about?

Travel is always a favorite topic, but I tend to also cover beauty, fashion, and eco-friendly living.

3. In building your websites, what are your personal guidelines for creating content that catches the interest of readers?

With so many different blogs out there, it is hard to get noticed. You have be uniquely you. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and speak your voice. Also, write about something you are passionate about--it won't be work if it is something you enjoy doing every day.

4. What are some things we can do to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle while also being mindful of the environment and sustainability?

There are so many ways to give back. You can mix entertaining with giving back by attending charity event, or buy luxury clothes and goods that give back and support a community or a cause in some way. Even choosing hair, makeup, or skin products that are not only good for the environment, but are better for you. I have also seen a huge jump in sustainable and eco-friendly travel over the past few years.

5. What projects do you hope to pursue in the next year or so?

I am looking at branching back into hosting with the development of video and online shows for both Jetsetera and LuxeSoul, as well as some other projects and collaborations.

Thanks, Kimberly!

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