Saturday, July 11, 2015

Bob Trotta, Founder of T&M Protection Resources

When researching a security company, it's good to start with the people who founded it. Back in 1981, T&M Security Services got its start as a two-person operation, started by Bob Trotta founder of protective services.

Before founding T&M, Bob Trotta had worked for the NYPD. But he saw that the marketplace needed a security company that could meet increasing corporate demand for services. He was a pioneer in the field when it came to employing off-duty police officers--and also when it came to implementing solid policies for employee screening and training.

Today, T&M offers services in such areas as security consulting, investigations, and global intelligence to a wide range of corporate and private clients, including financial institutions. They work in the US and abroad, with expertise in helping with travel related security needs. Their areas of expertise include protecting executives and celebrities, data forensics, fraud investigation, and information security.

Headquartered in New York, T&M also has several branches in Israel. Their goal is to offer customized solutions for each individual client. It's interesting to trace the beginnings of this international company back to Bob Trotta, an individual security expert who left the police force to find a new career in the private sector.

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