Saturday, June 13, 2015

Meet Ricky Reidling, Creator of BoysTown

More than 10 years ago Ricky Reidling wrote, directed and played one of the lead characters a pilot about seven men and their lives in a place called BoysTown, a gay mecca in Los Angeles. After shopping it around to the gay networks in the U.S and finding a lack of funding from them, the show ended up on DVD. Much to Ricky's surprise, it became somewhat of a phenomenon and also played at a film festival.

After releasing a feature film called Heels in 2010, Ricky decided to give BoysTown another shot, and he filmed another episode of the show. It caught the attention of the OUTtv in Canada and was picked up for a full season. The show currently airs in four countries and was just renewed for a second season.

You can order the first season of BoysTown on DVD at, or download it on Itunes. The first season soundtrack is also available on Itunes.

1.Growing up in a small town in Georgia did you ever think you would have your own TV show?

No, I grew up dirt poor and not in the best living conditions and once thought that was the life that was handed to me and I would be stuck with it. I got married (to a female) when I was 20, had a job in a manufacturing plant, and lived in trailer with my father and other siblings. Something didn't feel right and had to change. I knew there was a bigger world out there, and I wanted to experience it. I wasn't being fair to myself or to the other people in my life.

2. So being gay did not feel like an option for you at that moment in your life?

No, or at least I didn't think so. I grew up in a small Bible belt community, and coming to terms with my sexuality was not easy. The first male lover I had was mentally and physically abusive and tried to kill me, and I thought that's what I deserved.

3. You've been with your partner for several years--is he supportive in your career choice?

Very, on his days off he would come help out on set. As we always say, he is the corporate one, and I am the creative one. It works.

4. You were just renewed for Season 2 of BoysTown. How are you feeling about this?

I am truly humbled by it all, but for me it's about redemption.

I am very critical of myself and my work. I was writing, directing, editing, and jumping in front of the camera while wearing many other hats all at the same time last season, and I feel that my character suffered because of it. There were many days where I had to yell action, slate for myself, and then immediately get into character and deliver lines. It's not a good place to be in.

And as far as writing, I think there were some brilliant moments in the show, but there were also some times where I think I went a bit dark.

5. What can we expect for Season 2--and what are your plans for the future and BoysTown?

I now know what to expect, and I am less stressed and ready to bring it. We are bringing a female into the mix who is going make for some fun storylines. My goal is to keep the audience engaged with every episode.

Everything I do is a growing process to things bigger and better than I did before. So expect that from me for next season, on all accounts. I would love to see us air here in the U.S in regards to if it's a gay network or not. I hope Season 2 will open other doors for us. For me personally, I will keep doing what I love and what I am most passionate about.

Thanks, Ricky!

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