Saturday, June 13, 2015

Meet Ram

RamzySweis is the founder of Get a taste for his work in the video below.

Ramzy has toured internationally and earned a reputation for himself by achieving the rare feat of never repeating a joke after 83 episodes at 53 comedy clubs in Indiana, New Jersey, LA, Nashville, Chicago, and the Middle East.

Another thing that makes Ramzy unique is that he invests in a cafe in Amman, Jordan where he performs in his native tongue. The Arab News formerly employed Ramzy to run a column, but he lost that gig after 14 months of writing bi-weekly columns as his editors feared for his safety as he lured 380K readers, and some of his work received an incendiary backlash.

Ramzy has spent a lot of time building a social media following and creating a niche in the market, a universal demographic and social empire appraised at $13K by Vocus. He counts 39K followers on Twitter, 10K fans on Facebook, and 2 million views as a YouTube Partner.

In Ramzy's own words: "We can contain class clowns running amok who are the life of the party. Ice-breakers. Diffuse tension. Without a creative outlet. Women become Instagram famous with a single scantily clad photo. Men are forced to amuse behind a computer screen. Loneliness reduces serotonin which is vital in health & functioning. Certain economic adjustments & social changes are imperative to avoid cultural disaster."