Friday, June 12, 2015

Comment on Any Website with Commeta

You might say that the internet is made up of a series of conversations, many of which take place in the comments sections of different websites. However, not all websites allow comments, and sometimes this can be frustrating as comments (like reviews) are one of the ways that we can look at the perspectives of different individuals when reading a text, making a decision about an online purchase, or participating in other activities where we want to consider other people's input.

So here's a cool solution that lets you post and read comments on any website. Commeta is a browser extension that lets you comment anywhere and everywhere online. It works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.

The idea is that you have access to shared and open knowledge by using Commeta. Imagine the times when this could be useful. Maybe you see a job posting on craigslist that seems a bit vague, and you read comments on Commeta that give you more information about the company. Maybe you're looking to buy a house, and you find useful comments on the page with the MLS listing for the property.

Commeta creates a platform to post and read comments in real time. As the name suggests, you have the opportunity to participate in a meta-conversation around the subject of the website with people all over the world.

There are a lot of situations where I happen upon a website or a posting on craigslist and wonder what the real story is, especially with jobs and business opportunities. Sometimes companies don't allow comments or reviews on their sites, and these same companies can be very savvy with SEO, so it can be hard to find information from actual consumers when you use a search engine to try and find outside sources of information. So I welcome Commeta as a way to access another means of finding things out!

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